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New Camera

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Hey all I came here to ask this since many of you take such great quality pictures.

My husband gave me roughly $200 to spend and told me to go buy a new camera. I wanted digital since I put most of my pictures online, or trade through email.

My question is: Do you all have any suggestions for a digital camera around this price range?

Oh, and a little incentive.. if I get this camera, I'll post more pics of Princess

Thanks a lot
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I have an Olympus FE-something, lol. Can't remember right now. It takes great pictures and was under 200. I just don't have any cats to take pictures of yet
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Here is a site with very good comparison.


I did a quick search for you for camera under $200 and here is the link


You can also do this by going to "Buying guide" on the left side and choose price.

I would personally use Canon and would recommend it. Costco sells many digi camera for around $200, you might check them out too.

Good luck to you and take more pics of Princess!!!
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I have the canon powershot A430 and it works pretty good. If you want to see any pictures that I took with it then I can show you some.
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I just got a Nikon Coolpix L11 for $135, and I'm really impressed with the picture quality (I'll try to post some tonight ). It's my first camera though, and I've only taken pictures of my cat with it. My only complaint is difficulty shooting without the flash. It tends to blur shots even in situations with decent lighting. They came out with a newer one (the Coolpix L12), which is supposed to remedy that issue, because it has a higher ISO and "Optical Vibration Reduction/Image Stabilization." My boss, who is an IT director and is in love with all things related to technology, prefers Canon digital cameras. I have a Canon 35mm camera, and I LOVE it, but all of the Canon cameras were out of my price range (which was actually only $100- oops!). I'm sure you could find a canon in your price range though.

When I'm looking into buying any technology-related items, I usually check out reviews on www.cnet.com and www.circuitcity.com. The editor's reviews on CNET tend to be a bit elitist, so I like to check out user reviews too. Funny thing is, when I bought my camera, the one I ended up getting wasn't even on the list I'd compiled from reading reviews online. It's good to play around with a few different ones in the store. I made my boyfriend stand in one place so I could take the same picture with different cameras and compare. He kept wandering off though, so he wasn't a very good model.
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