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new owner

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hello all, i am a first time cat owner, well at least on my own my parents always had them while i was growing up. i just found this site and though it could be very helpful to nala and I. Nala is 6 months old. I got her from the humane society. She is at least part maine coon, if not full. she sure looks like one, but since we don't know her parents we don't know for sure. anyways she is a joy. can't wait to start meeting ya'll and learning cap tips.
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Hi there.

Glad you found us! Jump in and start askin' and chattin'.
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Hi akw7691 and Nala! Welcome aboard!

If you're like me, you'll get addicted to the cat site!

I was new to cats - didn't grow up with them. A stray found us last Winter- and she's a Maine Coon (or part Maine Coon). Hubby and I had unofficially named her Booger, but I was embarrassed about that at first, so I named her here - called her Rocki (like Rocky because she's so tough to survive on her own for a year!). But this is such a wonderful bunch of people, no one was surprised when I told the name she knows!

...and then we had a batch of kittens turn up in our yard...and we're both crazy cat people now!

This is a great site for all kinds of help and just plain old fun or caring.

I wrote to another "newbie" a lot about how the site works - here's a link. You might want to check it out!

Navigating The Cat Site (TCS)

Again - welcome aboard! BTW - you may want to consider editing your user profile - if you want to share your name in your signature, it might be easier than your log in name!

Hope you have as much fun here as I do!!!!

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Welcome to the site! I'm sure Nala is bringing such joy into your life. And I'm sure you are a great kitty mommy.

Please, jump right in and ask whatever questions you have. There are so many helpful and knowledgable people here who are more than happy to help.

(Oh, and we love kitty pics!!)
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Welcome to the group
Look forward to hearing all the news and seeing some piccies
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Welcome! I'm also new, as of today! I'm already hooked to this site...you will be, too.
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Hope you feel at home. I know I do.
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Welcome and enjoy the site!

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