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Need help re: cat pregnancy

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A very young, cat showed up in our neighborhood yesterday and now resides on my front porch. She either just had kittens and was separated from them or she is still pregnant. My question is: two of her nipples look extremely gorged and the others are flat - almost normal. Is that anything to be concerned about? She acts ok...just starving - for food and attention. I am on a fixed income and can't take her to a vet anytime soon, but I don't want her to suffer if something is wrong with her. Any help or advice anyone could give would be most appreciated.
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My hunch is she's pregnant. Usually mamas don't go far from their babies because of predators. Will she let you pick her up? She might have some kind of infection in the nipples. If she does let you pick her up, you might want to try placing a warm wet facecloth on the gorged nipples. And since you're on a fixed income, try calling a vet near you and explaining your situation to them. They might be willing to help you out. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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Thanks Donna, I'll try the warm cloth and see if I can call a vet on Monday. She will let me pick her up.

Does the milk come in BEFORE delivery enough to cause such gorging? She looks slightly pregnant and I keep thinking she may just have had kittens and that something must have happened to them. She's still a kitten herself.
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If she is very young perhaps she only had two kittens, (hence the two engorged nipples) and they may not have survived. Does she seem to be feverish-ear tips extremely hot? If she doesn't seem feverish she probably doesn't have infection. Have you called your local animal shelter to see if anyone has reported her missing?. If there are kids in the neighborhood they may know if she belongs to anyone. Good Luck.
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Thanks Kaaren,

We live in a rural area where animals seem to get dumped off all the time, so I don't think she belongs to anyone.

I already have two 1 year old feral cats that were abandoned when they were about a week old that I fed with a syringe and bottle. I keep them inside so I had to leave this kitten outside. She left during the night and I hope she will come back today for food. I'll check her ears then.

Wish my house and income were as big as my heart!
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hjrd, Bet those two that you bottle fed are really loves. My very favorite (shame on me for having a favorite) of my 11 is a female, yellow tabby that we bottle fed from two weeks of age. What a wonderful experience and she is such a joy. Doesn't think she is a cat, though. She rather looks down on the others as she believes she is a human in a fur coat. Hope your little friend comes back today. Where are you in Fl.? We lived in the Sarasota-Venice area for many years but, have been in NC for 17 years.
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She's back after being gone all day yesterday. Ears are cool and teats are less engorged but she doesn't look like she's been feeding anything. I am inclined to believe that she lost her litter somehow and was thrown out. May have gotten frightened yesteday by a dog because as I write this she is up a tree waiting one out.

One more question. She is having some diarrhea which I attribute to overeating after having been without food so long. Think that's correct? My hand fed guys did that when they ate too much.

I know what you mean by hand raised cats thinking they are human. These two are very attached to me and sorta ignor my husband. I guess that when I fed them the only thing they saw was my face so now they want to communicate directly into my face. They'll gently paw me until I respond. If I ignor them, they "steal" something of mine like an earring or scarf.

I read recently that in Sarasota they found a lady who had so many cats she didn't realize how many she had. I see how it can happen!

We live in Southeast Tampa - near Brandon. Like most Floridians we long to move to North Georgia or Western NC.

Thanks to you all for the help! Glad I found this site.
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hjrd, You are probably right about the diarrhea being from overeating or just from eating more rich food than she is used to.
When we first moved to Fl from Pa in'63, we lived with a little lady on S.Armenia Ave in Tampa. We then moved across the Bay to St.Pete and both our kids were born there -one at St. Anthony's and one at Mound Park (later Bayfront). In'68, my husband went to work for Mercury Outboards (did their ad. photography) and we moved to Sarasota. Being a native of Pa I never did quite get used to Fl climate . Love it here in NC.
Keep us posted on your little lady.
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I understand NC natives call you halfbacks. Northeners that move to FL then half way back.

The new girl's out of the tree and on the porch again. Seems much happier than she was Friday. Teats are becoming less engorged. She must have JUST had the kittens when she showed up here.

Guess we've got another cat!! (at least it's not a momma AND kittens!!!!) What's a few more scoops of cat food, huh? Will see about getting her spayed when the time is right. Doodle and Galoot won't be too happy about a new sister.

Thanks again.
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