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Nail Clipping?

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Jade scracthed herself was close to her eye so I was freaked out.

At what age can you start to clip their nails? I can't see any quicks in her nails, so I don't want to attempt it yet....but I don't want her to harm herself. She seems to have a thing for rubbing by her eyes....
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The last litter of kittens I raised, I started clipping their toenails at around 2 weeks old. I used human baby fingernail clippers to start with because their nails were so tiny. Weekly clipping from such an early age was wonderful because now as adults they can have their nails clipped with absolutely no protesting on ther part.
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i think as long as you only do the very tips just so there not to sharp , t should be ok . iv been quite lucky i never had to clip any of our cats/kittens nails . touch wood
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Personally...I have never clipped nails of kittens until they're old enough to walk properly
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I agree with Abymummy ... wait until they can walk upright instead of "commando-crawling". Once they can stand without falling over, you can use bnwalker2's suggestion of the baby nail clippers and remove only the little sharp tips.
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I clip kittens nails from the time they are 3 weeks old! I had an eye experience with kittens I don't EVER want again! Two RB brothers were wrestling (about 2 months old); one poked the other in the eye and scratched it.

I rushed the kitten to the vet, and he had to stitch the eye shut for a few weeks to heal. The vet told me that if it had been just a little more to the cornea the kitten would have been blind! He did have a little scar on the corner of his eyeball but it healed nicely.

So after that I was so paranoid of it happening again with kittens, that I started to nip the nails at 3 weeks old.
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