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One of my cat is hurting the other cat... What can I do?

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Hi guys,

Chichi has been getting scratches on her neck and I am assuming it's from Wesley since he tends to chase her and play rough with her. Last week she's been scratching it and aparently scratched it so much that she ripped the fur and skin off and created a wound of about 1-2 inches in diameter. It looked pretty bad. I took her to the vet and the vet gave me the cream to put on her twice a day. I've been doing that and it's gotten a little better.

This morning I checked her wound as I do every morning and I noticed new bleeding scratch marks right next to the wound. I mean she couldn't have scratched herself so badly, especially in a place that already hurts her. Could it be the other cat? I have put him into the storage for now. But I really don't know what to do about this. He is really sweet and affectionate to people, but really mean to her...
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I'm sorry your kitties are fighting. I am and have been going through the same thing with my cats. You should trim both of their nails front and back. This will help minimize any damage. If your girl is scratching her wound, you might have to put a collar on her. Even though it probably hurts that won't necessarily keep her from picking at it. I have used the Bite Not collar and plastic elizabethan collars before. I got the best results with the Bite Not. If you have to use an e collar try to get the clear ones.

I purchased the Feliway comfort zone plugins and began some strict behavior modification. The plugins helped a bit. Kali would routinely instigate fights with Isis so I began observing closely. The trick is to see the clue that they are fixating on each other and stop it from escalating into a fight. I will physically get up and block (like Cesar Millan), use the squirt bottle, or give a verbal warning. If an attack occurs and I witness it, I will put the offender in a time out. Cracking down along with the plugins helped tremendously. I also try to reward them when they are calm, not growling or fixating and the other kitty is nearby.

I do have some questions. Are both of your cats spayed and neutered? Could you have been mistaking actual agression for playing rough?
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I have seen cats bother their own existing wounds to the point of opening them up, or making new wounds. I guess the only way to be sure it's the other cat, is to do what you've already done - separate them.
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Thanks guys,

I trim their front paw claws. I guess I should try triming her feet too as she scratches herself with her foot. I looked into the Bite Not colar, I like the idea, too bad they don't sell them at local petcos, I will have to wait until it arrives in the mail.

Another thing is, I am leaving out of town in 2 weeks and I don't feel comfortable letting both cats stay in the house, when somebody visits them for only a few min a day. I could take one cat to a friend's house and leave chichi at home by herself, hoping her wound heals. Maybe even get that Bite Not colar.
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This is my standard line (which I'm sure everyone's sick of.. sorry) but it just keeps coming up and there's no magic answer. Males will go after females, especially older ones, and you need to protect the females as of all the things cats do or don't do, this one seems to be very hard wired into some males and all the tricks and yelling, etc. won't change it if it's in them to begin with. You may have to permanently keep them apart when you're not there, with their own boxes, bowls, and toys, etc., and give them both separate 'attention' when you are there. It's a crummy deal, but even if you're around to referee it can be hard to deal with.
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