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Well we took Honey to the vet this morning she had her last round of puppy shots her rabies shot and she got her nails clipped ($10.00!!!) and she got microchipped. we talked to the vet about breeding and he gave us some things too look out for. for instance she growled at him when he was messing with her tummy and seemed kinda cranky at the vets he said that if it gets worse he would suggest us not breeding her because the "cranky" trait could get passed on to the pups. she does not growl at us here at home i am hoping it is just because she was stressed out from having to go to the vet. keep your fingers crossed cause breeding corgi's is something that i am really interested in . i have a long way to go, i have tons of research to do before i am even close to being ready to do this ( im not rushing into anything i want to do this the right way) if she continues to be show sign of "crankyness" we will not breed her and will go ahead and get her spayed. He said she looks great. she weighs 19.8 pounds and had no "critters" of any kind. when she got home we gave her a treat for being such a good girl and her daddy bought her a pretty collar that is purple and green and has flowers on it.

I dont think she has ever had tags on her collar before cause she seems kinda distracted by them they jingle and she keeps trying to find them lol