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Has anyone watched this show either Sunday or Monday? I thought it was going to be bad but actually its pretty good! Great! Another show to be addicted too!
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I watched it both nights.. so far so good.. i thought for awhile it got kinda boring and then it picked up
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John & I are addicted too!! I really like it, but I missed last nights episode!
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I felt a little differently about it - I think the commercials leading up to the show were better than the show turned out to be. I was a little disappointed with it.

Oh well!
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Wait ... it was on last night? Grrrr ...

Anyway, I watched it on Friday night (which is when it aired here in Ontario, anyway) and thought it was pretty good. I expected it to be good, though: Tim Minnear was one of the creative minds behind Angel and Firefly (both are Joss Whedon's babies, but Minnear had a big part -- btw, he's the guy singing "They got ... the mustard ... out!" in the musical episode of Buffy and he was the human puppet on the episode of Angel where Angel gets puppetized).

I must say, though, that having Nathan Fillion on the show totally made me long for Firefly. I miss that show ...
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