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my cat is dragging her bottom

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Hi! I posted earlier about my kitties getting spayed and neutered; and I have another question. My girl kitty is in heat, and she is dragging her bottom on the ground after she gets out of the litterbox, and she has never done this before. It's like as soon as she gets out of the litterbox, she cleans her genitals like crazy and then drags her bottom on the floor. This is the first time she has ever done this, and I was wondering if this is common with cats that are in heat?
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I've never had a cat in heat do this but, with worms they "scoot"
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Also, if I remember reading here recently, cats have anal glands like dogs. If they get impacted or infected, the animal scoots to relieve the discomfort. The vet can clear and clean them for you.
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Hi! I told my vet this when I took her in to be spayed and he said it may be the anal glands. He also said that sometimes when cats are in heat, they have some accidental urine leakage, and sometimes they scoot to get really clean. When I picked her up they didn't say anything about her anal glands, so maybe it was some urine leakage!
Thanks for the replies!
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Mine has done it once or twice after she has eaten my hair. What goes in must come out... So, that might be a reason to. I know for my cat, I've had to work on no eating hair. :o) Hasn't happened in some time.
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Tigger does it when she wants attention. And, I know that because after she does it, she rolls around & gurrs.
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I was just going to post about this problem! My 4 year old calico Echo has been "butt surfing" for almost a week now. She does on the carpet, the couch or anything that is textured (if that makes sense). I looked at her little bum and it looked a little red & inflammed. I don't know what to do to help her. I am assumming that it's itching her and that's why she's doing it so often. My Mother told me that she asked the Vet once before about it and he told her that the anal glands start to itch & they scoot to break open the glands. But...he didn't tell her how to solve the problem! One other thing that I thought might be causing the problem is that Echo had hairballs 2 weeks ago. Could that have irritated her bum so much that she is still scooting? Should I give her some more Hairball remedie stuff? Could it be that she's got hard stools and needs a softener? Sorry for all the questions...I've just never had a cat that's done this before. I'm hoping that it's not a serious problem. I know it's probably a terrible thing for cats to go through...but there are times you just can't help but laugh out loud when you see her "surfing" across the top of the Loveseat!

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