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Spa Select

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Anyone use them? or have any thoughts on their products?

also do you really need an indoor cat kibble? or is that just marketing


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they are good ... bit grainy and have more veggies than I like but it is a good food ....

indoor s in general are a step between adult and light food s... if your kitty has a tendancy to be a "couch potato" they are worth looking at
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i think we tried the senior, the guys weren't exactly psyched about it. so if i used it again i think i would mix it with something. because of the review the guys gave it last time.

my sister fed the indoor for a while. her cats liked it. she changed foods because her one cat has sensitivities to a lot of things. it's hard to explain, but her cat gets hyper and does some weird skin rolling/twitching thing. she's had her cat checked by a couple vets, but they just told her the cat was "hyper" and it's her personality. she is managed pretty well by food though. i think she's also sensitive to chemicals because my sister said her cat had a reaction like her food reactions, to frontline this spring.
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