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I just got back from my radiologist, (I had colon cancer in 02), and he said I was doing so well, I don't need to go back to him! Well, he also was letting me not come back because he felt sorry for me because of all the money I was spending on cab fare, , but still, I don't have to go back! I want a party!
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That is great news!!
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That is AMAZING news Congrats
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Yay for you!! that's fantastic news!
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Wow, what a load off!! You must be beaming Great news!
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Congrats! That is wonderful news! Make sure you celebrate!
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Thats amazing!! Yay for you!!
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what fantastic news , im so pleased for you.
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That's wonderful news, I'm so glad for you! My father had it also, and my mom had a benign colon tumor -- so I know what a hard road you've been down. Congratulations!

But you will keep having colonoscopies every few years, right?
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Oh yes, I'm supposed to have a colonoscopy (SP?) every three years. And I'll certainly make sure I'll keep those appointments!
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That is deinately reason to celebrate!! What great news!!

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Oh good! Just making sure...
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That is wonderful news!!!!!
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Awwww i love hearing great news like that, well done you!!
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Congrats! That is definitely wonderful news

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That's great, and thank you for sharing the wonderful news, I have a friend who has just underwent surgery for colon cancer and now is looking at more treatment. It is nice to hear some positive feedback from someone who has been throw it and is now healthy.
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Thats brilliant!!! Take care and I think you deserve a celebration!!!
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That is wonderful news and I am very happy for you. I too am a cancer survivor, I had non-hodgkins lymphoma back in 2005, I am now cancer free as of my last pet/cat/scan only a few weeks ago. I know just how happy your feeling right now cuz I felt the same go girl.
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Wonderful news, congratulations!!!
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