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I am soo sad :(

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Ok so I got to go to the doctors today, me and my mom both we went and mind u we drank 3 bottles of water each because it was an ultra sound, well guess what thye went up in technology and we didnt need to drink all that water, i was so mad! Then we went to lunch...well when we were coming back my mom seen a kitten on the road I seen it and thought it was a tortie and i got out and he/she ran up into the woods, no lie it looks like a bengal mix, it had the glittering and everything it was so pretty! It was so gorgeous and it cant be no more than 4-6 months old! So i finally got out of the car and my mom said I knew u were going to do that lol, so i am looking because i am hearing "meow meow" very low, and i cant find the poor thing, it ran before i had gotten out of the car but I was able to see it until i turned my head once and i lost it I wanted to see if it had tags which it looked like it didnt and well i couldnt find it, it took off so now lil old me is gonna be taking lots and lots of walks
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Oh my, poor little kitty I hope you come across it soon
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awww poor kitty. i hope she is ok and finds her way back home if she's lost
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well my mom drove back up there and the kittie was long gone, and well we gotta go up that way tomarrow so imma be looking out for her/him! It couldnt of been no more than 6 months old! My mom has it in her head that someone owns it but u know what i mean put a collar on the cat and we have never seen this kittie before and if someone did own it it was too scared and ran, most are affectionate and run up to you to play, i know there are that exeptional few but u know what i mean!
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Oh no I hope little baby has a home....and finds it soon!!

Maybe you guys will come across it again.
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