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More Storm Pics...

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I hope everyone on the East Coast survived this hurricane force Nor' Easter.. We only lost power for about 18 hours this time but most of my town is still without power..We got hit hard It looks like a bomb went off Massive Spruce Trees down every where.The National Guard got called in to help clear roads so cars can get by..
Wanted to share a few pics I got at High Tide yesterday at Ocean Point..

This one I rolled down the window and got a face full of water soaked the truck inside!

Massive wave coming in over the land

More waves

This is right on the road where we were parked!
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WOW!! That is crazy!! I live in New York and all it did here was rain nonstop a few roads were closed about 37 in dutchess county but thats it!
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Wow. That is a pretty intense storm. Hopefully nothing gets flooded. That's why I like being no where near the coast. But then again, I still have snow in my backyard. It's no hurricane-force storm but it is certainly annoying to look outside and still see snow in the middle of April.
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Wow, you guys really got hit. Great pics- that is one angry looking ocean!
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A couple more
This is the shore road flooded at hight tide


I'm sitting in my truck snapping pics and the water is coming right up under the truck

The Sea pier which is the wharf where my hubby sells his lobsters at, the roof blew right off .It was on the news last night. I will get a pic later today.. Houses on the shore even had windows blown right out by the winds!
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wow, thats some mean storm

wonderful photos

whats going on with the weather
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that's what I expected to see yesturday morning when i woke up but nadda. I guess there were other areas here that were pretty bad too. wasn't this said to be till thursday or friday?
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Yikes!!! that's nasty! stay safe!
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What the heck were you doing out there!?!?

I would have been battening down the hatches at home
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That's nuts! I hope you stay dry and no floods hit your home!
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Wow! Awesome captures of Mother Nature's wrath.
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Yes, that was horrible. I live in NJ and we got flooded also but not too close to me. We had really heavy rain in my immediate area but that was about it. There were some places in Jersey that had to be taken from their home by a rubber boat, how sad for them. One guy said his dog and cat were in the back yard and they did drown...I cried at that.
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