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~Meerkat Crew Turns 10 days old TODAY!~

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~Babies are 10 days today! Youssarian is starting to open eyes alittle bit. The other 2 still have closed eyes. Is this normal for this age? Here is new pics of everyone. Youssarian still tips the scale over the other 2. The only girl, Tosca, Coming in second with baby brother Lazuli...who was last born, coming in last on the smaller side but isnt lacking any spunk.~ Wanted to share my pics!~

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They are adorable,Little chubby bellies on them.

I'm waiting for my Cally to do something she has me on my toes for sure!
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Youssarian is a big boy isnt he. I just love chubby little furr balls.

What beautiful little babies.
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Hahah Youssarian is sooo big
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Aww, they are so precious! It's hard to believe my crew & yours are 10 days old today!
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Are their names from Meerkat Manor? hehe, they are adorable!!
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~Yes....I just call them the Meerkat crew its easier than saying their names...well at least right now why they dont KNOW their names haha~
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They are so cute!! I can't believe how big the red one is compared to the gray one.

Simply adorable!
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They're adorable!!!
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Awww The Meerkat crew are growing up so fast!
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aww how did i miss this thread , to cute for words.
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What adorable little babies! They are so sweet.
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Sooooo adorable!
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~Couple new pics! OKAY look Im home 22 hours of the day and have nothing more to do than play with kittens and take pics haha so sorry for all the pics I keep putting up...I tend to take ALOT of them you only see a small amount of the HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS I take a day haha~

The babies are starting to open their eyes! Yayyy!

The first pic is of Youssarian not so happy I picked him up for a picture. He started yelling for mom to come save him right when I picked him up. Although he is a BIG BOY he is the sissy baby too haha always crying about something!

Finally figured out his grandma Kym wasnt going to harm him

Here is Aunti Abby babysitting while mom takes a break. Little Lazuli isnt too happythat big headed Youssarian took his spot. Already big and lil brother fighting for the best place to nap!

Can a dog catch a cat nap around here sheesh!

Here is Aunti Abby "WHEW Finally got these babies asleep...glad Im just the babysitter and NOT the mom"

Whew not even 2 weeks and near big as mom lolol WOW! Must take back after daddy!

Was trying to get a good pic of Tosca but big ol Youssarian always seems to make it in the picture haha hes a FUR BALL!
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these are the cutest pics. autie looks mighty proud. Wow Yosarian is a really big boy. is Nono gonna be able to scold him when the time comes?LOL
That baby is huge. They have grown so much. I still have to pick 4 names for my crew.

they're so itty bitty. They are precious
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awwww....look at those precious puddings

I love how the little white paws stick out in the 'line-up' photo, cute, just cute

They are growng like weeds, bless 'em
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