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I can't PM since I'm under 18 but you offered on another thread to tell people recipes for home made foods to replace wet foods. I'd love to hear some (not raw) thanks!!
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RUN this by Mom and dad and the vet

Recipe one

1/2 lb chicken( try for a white dark mix ( cooked.. boiled or fried seems to be tasty)

1/4 cup livers in this case chn

1/2 cup of cooked rice or oatmeal

1/2 oz to 2oz clams with juice( ie canned)

1/2 cup cooked sweet potato ( can increase to 3/4 to 1 cup and not use grain if desired)

1/4 cup ie 2oz olive soybean canola oil... i use olive

if this is sole food add

1/10 th of a human taurine supplement( most are 500mg)
1/10th b vitamin supplement
1/4 multi vitamin
600 mg of cal ( most capsule s are about this )

Ways to add variety

alternate brown , white , jasmine rices ... mine like brown

use beef venison lamb mutton or a cooked fish like salmon

add in some cooked potato s , carrots

for those needing extra cal s add less sweet potato and more meat

put all cooked parts into blender or food processor till either chunky or canned conscitancy
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Thanks Sharky If I can't find a wet food that I like or the cats like then I'll run this by the vet and see what she says, your a great help!
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