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Hey Spike!

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how are you? How's your son? (you did have a little boy, didn't you?)

anyway, it's good to see you and wanted to say hi!

would love to see some pics of the little one!
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Hi, he is fine and such a cutiepie. He is getting real big now.

I hope you are all keeping well, I really must stop in here more often.
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Another one of Joshua taken today.
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OMG!! He is soooo precious!

how old is he?
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LOVE the pic of him and kitty! how sweet is that?!!?!?!?
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What an angel!!!! He looks so sweet!!!

Isn't it wonderful to watch them grow? I love seeing how Ron is learning new tricks everyday. He's standing now whenever he can grab something for support and he crawls around the house like the energizer bunny
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Nice to see you back! That picture would make a great Postcard- you should send it on to the Caption This Contest!

Your little boy is an absolute angel!
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He's adorable!! Love both pics, he looks like an angel.
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He is 10 months now. Gosh time flies, just the other day I was waling around with a huge belly and now he is almost walking around.

Anne isn't it great, each day brings a new joy and sparkle to your life. I just loving motherhood. And maybe in January we are going to try for number 2, so they are 2 years apart. Well maybe, I will let you know.
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OMG what INCREDIBLE eyes! He is SOOOO cute! You deserve to be a very proud mom!!!!!
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Awww Thanks

Anne are there any threads with pics of Ron in? I would love to see him also.
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What a beautiful boy - I just love his eyes! And that pic with the cat is precious!
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OH MY GOSH!!!!!! What an absolute little DOLL!!!!!!!!

I just LOVE the pictures!!!!! They are both great pics, but the one with him sleeping with the cat is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen!!!! I am so glad you posted it! I couldn't stop looking at it!!!!! I hope you do send it to Anne to post in the Caption This forums! It would make a lovely postcard!!!!!!

I have a little angel now, myself!!! She is 12 weeks old (as of yesterday) I just love babies!!!!
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Oh Congrats - 12 weeks. I would love to see a pic.
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No recent digital pics of Ron I'm afraid... and in a way it's his fault as he was the one to break the network connection on our laptop - which is where we download our pics from the camera...

Here are a few pictures from 4 months ago - just imagine him 10 pounds heavier and with longer wavy hair

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Both babies are precious. Anne, Ron looks like you in the picture you posted with him lying with you in bed. I wish you'd change your picture to one like that, with darker hair.

Spike, I don't know you well, but I'm glad you posted pictures of the precious little lamb!
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He's a doll Anne! What sweet brown eyes

keep the baby pics comin! I love them!
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Yep gotta love those baby pictures- come on Debby time to show off Amber! *G*
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Oh Anne he is gorgeous. !!!!

I think everyone should show off their babies no matter how old because lets face it they are always gong to be our babies.
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OMG!!! Anne!!!! Ron is SO cute!!!!!! (But of course he would be with the parents he has ) I just loved the pictures of him!!!

Okay, here is one of Amber...she was only 6 weeks old when we had these taken at Walmart.....she looks quite a bit different now, and that was only 6 weeks ago! Her nose looks red in the picture...but it didn't until I resized it. Wonder why?
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OH man she is a cutie !!!
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Thank you!!! I think so, too!
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What a sweet little doll! I don't think her nose looks red - it looks CUTE!!!
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What cute babies! Ron and Amber are both so precious! :tounge2:
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Everybody's babies are adorable - I jsut want to hug them!
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Actually, I didn't even think I would be able to show you all this picture, since my scanner still is not hooked up...but thanks to my husbands x-wife, she scanned the photo when my step-daughter took hers home, and e-mailed it to me saying she thought I might like to have it on the computer! Wasn't that nice of her?
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