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Any news today? I was hoping to wake up to some good news! I hope everything is ok.
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oooo, just reading all of this, things have gone quiet, maybe Lori has had to take moma to the vets

heres sending lots of soothing & healthy birthing ((((( vibes ))))) for Cally

Let us know when you can
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Keeping my fingers crossed for mama and babies. I hope everything is ok!
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Wishing the best for you and the expected little ones!!
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I hope everything is ok lovely.

Keep us posted when you are able to.

Hugs and kisses from the UK x x x x x x x
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still no word ?? oh my im hopping everything has gone well , and thats why she hasnt posted shes to busy with the new babys taking photos for all of us to see lol
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any word yet?? we need an update!
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Is all ok with Cally?
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just checking back in - hows things with Cally
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I'm so sorry i had to rush out of here on tuesday i missed the birth myself she had 3 beautiful babies starting at 8pm April 17 ill add photos as soon as hubby gets back he has my camera is in his truck.

All is well!!!!

SHe is a trooper!
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Oh, lordy!!! Thank goodness!!!! We were worried!!!!!

And congrats on the 3 new little ones!!!
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Congratulations on the new arrivals! Cant wait to see pics. Big hugs to Cally!
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