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Cally's Water Broke

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She Is Panting Lots,ill Keep Posted I Have To Put Batteries In My Camera Im Super Excited!
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Oooh good luck, sending vibes for a nice easy birth and chubby healthy babies!
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Ohhh Good luck! I can't wait to see pics! WooooHooooo!!!
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She Seems To Be More Focused On Grooming Herself,so Hopefully In An Hour Or So She Will Start,i Have All Towels And Cloths Ready To Go!
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Good luck and keep us updated!!
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Good Luck! Hope everything goes well. I can't wait to see pics! How many do you think she will have?
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Oh, how exciting! I hope all goes well. I'll be checking back.
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Im not sure i would say she is atleast going to have 3 but i could be wrong,She is so big you never know,

Back to Cally she is screaming at me i hope she has them soon lol i have been waiting too long!
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No babies yet,I am so depressed i have been waiting so long and Cally is playing tricks i swear,But her water broke im sure or it was more mucas but her back end is soaking wet.

I'm hoping she has them soon i have to leave for winnipeg tomorrow morning at 4am
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Hi, Back from swimming lessons and was just catching up with your other thread.....your not excited at all are you!!.....LOL

Thought we might have a baby by now but you know what these kitty's are like. they like to keep us waiting.

Is she still panting or purring a lot? Have you seen any contractions?

Keep us posted when you can and is your camera ready to go?....LOL
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She is breathing a little hard,I have been sitting infront of her for an hour or longer,she just took a couple bites of her kitten chow she is sitting on the couch behind me meowing,and her back end is still wet im soo confused i really thought this was it.

She is really grooming herself also!
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It sounds like it is close. its so hard being patient though isnt it.

Boo wondered around like that all afternoon and didnt have her babies till the evening so i know sometimes it can take them some time to get to the pushing stage. So long as she hasnt been straining or pushing for a long time im sure she is fine.

Im sure someone a lot more experienced than me will be along to offer some advice soon
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I am just uploading a video of her ill post it right away so you can see what she is actually doing.

She has not really pushed she has barred down a few times i can feel the babies there right there kicking like crazy.
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ok i wont be going anywhere for a while.

You will have to excuse me if i keep going quiet though. Just cooking kids dinner. Get them fed, bathed and into bed then i get the evening to myself. Always my favourite time of the day...LOL
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Aww, what a sweet video. Cally is so precious!
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she definately looks restless doesnt she. bless her maybe she knows something is happening but just doesnt know what yet.

She just doesnt quite know what to do with herself.

COME ON CALLY.......lets see these babies
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I remember right before Butterball had her babies she was so clingy and didn't want me away from her at all. Whenever she would get a contraction she would growl. It was so cute (not for her I'm sure). She had a small discharge most of the day and then very liquidy right before giving birth to the 1st one. I bet it won't be much longer at all for Cally.
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Now she is snuggling with her doggie friend Cally loves her maggy and just needed some comforting i guess....

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See she is very wet she has been soaked since 10:30 this morning,I dont know what is going on she has quieted down some,But other than that she has stopped the meowing and has not been into her box,She is confusing me lol
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any news yet?

How are you both doing?
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She is in my daughters room now laying on the blanket more mucas is coming out still i noticed the "waves" so im taking it she is still having contractions but still no babies.

I called the doc and he is going to come out and take a look at her im a bit worried nothing has happend yet!
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has she been straining or pushing at all? if not then maybe she is just taking her time over the first stage. Its always best to get them looked over if your worried though just to put your mind at rest. Im sure all is well though.

Sending hugs to you both
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Aww, I am crossing my fingers that she will deliver soon.
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She was straining earlier this morning,But as i said she will do that than nothing,Im so confused.

Thanks so much for your intrest,Im sure she will give birth at some point today i have been checking on her,She is resting alot more since i moved all her things into my daughters room.

Crossing fingers,I want too see these babies before i have to go lol.

As i am leaving at 4am tomorrow morning.

Then i will hear the gang talking about it i will be so upset if i miss this!

Hugs to you,
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im getting worried now , if she was straining this morning and still nothing i would call a vet or take her straight in , something does not sound good here. but im sending postive vibes your way x
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Awww, I hope everything's ok and that she has them soon!
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Is everything o.k. how is cally? what about the babies?
baby patrol checking in.

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I hope they come soon! What are you going to do if the babies don't come tonight? Do you have someone who can keep an eye on her?
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Getting so anxious to get an update! I really hope all is well.
It is a bit unnerving that she was straining for that long. Lacy's Mommy hasn't posted in about 5 hours. I'm hoping no news is good news.
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