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Those sweetie kitty tummies

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I was rubbing Claire's soft, pretty white tummy this morning and was just amazed how the shyest of my kitties and the one whose trust took so much patience to earn, now just loves getting her belly rubbed. She purrs and rolls around, just loving it. Awww! Gracie's the only other one of my crew that likes tummy rubs and she has to be in the mood for it.

How about your kitties? Who likes likes tummy rubs?
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Stan looooves his tummy rubs. He let me brush out his tummy just yesterday. Bella, not so much. In fact, don't even go there...I imagine her tummy is very soft, but I've only got two hands and I want to keep them both intact
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Posey likes tummy rubs....for about 2 seconds Gaia will tolerate them too, but Tig-a-licious LOVES tummy rubs
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Severino and Lucia love to be rubbed on the belly or even upside down They are very calm and loose cats....Joey and Sophia are another story, now that Joey's tummy is shaved from his ultrasound he's extra sensitive
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My little floozies will roll over and show me their gorgeous bellies...but definitely hands off unless i want to pull my arm back with nothing but a bloody stump! :P
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Alley used to absolutely demand to have her tummy rubbed! She was so soft and fluffy
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My kitten Nollee loves tummy rubs but that may change with age! my other cat Tiger HATES them he will swat at you or yell at you... He is very self consious about his fat pouch!
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None of mine realy like belly rubs, but every once in awhile they will lemme give 'em a rub!! And they HAVE to be in the mood!
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Both my kitties love tummy rubs!!!! Chynna especially.
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Touch Maddens tummy and prepare to be bitten or rabbit kicked!! He's never liked his belly rubbed!
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Ophelia will now tolerate me to rub her tummy, but only when she has gas.

Damita LOVES tummy rubs. Lily likes getting her tummy rubbed when she's in a "safe room".
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