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Changes on Pet Food Label

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My cats have eaten 9 Lives Tuna flakes for years, in addition to dry SD and Nutro. This past weekend I bought a few cases and noticed when I dished it out that the consistency had changed. It's always slightly different, some has more water, etc, but this looked like it went through a grinder. So I start looking at the cans and I notice they're different too. (different color metal, ring pattern on the top, bottom, etc) Then I start reading the label.

They added "Product of Thailand". The old cans say Manufactured by Del Monte Foods and then lists their Pittsburge PA address. The new can says Manufactured for Del Monte Foods, the PA address and then Product of Thailand. They also added "Pet Food Only" to the bottom of the can where the product code is.

So I get right on the phone to them and the rep tells me it's always been manufactured in Thailand, but they have just changed their label. She wanted to know if the pets were still eating it, (which they are) took down all my info to report my call.

Me thinks companies are rushing to cover their "bases" quick before the fallout starts. I'm not sure what to think...I hate the idea of buying petfood made in Thailand cause in some cases there, pets are the food.
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Yeah, seems like lots of tuna cat foods are made in Thailand, including premium brands (Solid Gold, Trader Joe's, etc.) as well as Meow Mix and the new Sheba tubs. If it's not on the recall list and your cats have been healthy eating it all these years, I wouldn't worry too much- but that's just me. Did the rep offer any explanation for the consistency change?
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She said it was the difference in water content in the fish, which yes, you can see from case to case. But this was ground up, it wasn't just dryer or moister. The food in every can from the new case so far has been the same. It has the same color and smell, but it is different. I had the vet read the label on this food previously and he said it was fine to feed based on the ingredients listed. Of course it's what they don't list that I guess we have to worry about.
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In regard to my call, I received a nice card from Del Monte today thanking me for being a customer. They also included coupons for 12 free cans of food. Man...they must be taking this seriously.

Also, I got in trouble for saying the word in another thread that I used earlier in this thread, the one that means posterior. I can't edit it anymore, so someone will have to do it for me. How about we say they are covering their *bases*. Yeah, that's very wholesome.
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There seems to have been a noticable (to me ) upswing in the number of pet food coupons in the Sunday paper around here lately . 12 free cans? Good deal!
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