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does a cup of coffee count. its usually all i have. i dont really eat lunch either. dont really snack too much but i do eat dinner with the family.
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I always eat breakfast usually cereal, juice and banana but know that I'm working I will have to eat something more substantial as I don't have lots of time to eat lunch.
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It's my favorite meal of the day!
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I would but I am not a morning person and usually get up in just enough time to get ready for work. Once I get there, I eat a granola bar or peanut butter crackers or something. I would love to have a better breakfast, just don't have time.
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Yes! I have to eat something every morning (i actually eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep from getting sick between my low blood pressure and vertigo). Even if it's just something small i still eat something in the mornings otherwise i get really sick. So breakfast is a must!
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I try to but don't always.

I can't eat as soon as I wake up and usually wait until I get into work at 7.30 and have something there
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YES! I'm a wreck if I don't have breakfast. Doesn't have to be a lot. Toast with jam, coffee and fruit will do.
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Originally Posted by Pat Locani View Post
YES! I'm a wreck if I don't have breakfast. Doesn't have to be a lot. Toast with jam, coffee and fruit will do.
I love toast in the morning- I usually have Honey Wheat toast with lots of butter!
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Im awful i end up staving off the hunger till evening arond 8pm and having just the 1 meal a day-usualy by then im a bit shaky-just too busy and distracted,so i will have to learn to make time for more meals.Jeans wont stay up-mind you late nights on TCS have got me snacking-better than nothing
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I eat a bowl healthy cereal on most weekdays. Sometimes a multi-grain bagel and apple if I have to grab breakfast on the run. I usually grab some kind of fruit anyway to snack on before lunchtime.
On weekends when there is more time in the morning I make wheat pancakes or waffles with nuts (sooo good) and 100% REAL syrup (not the corn syrup kind, it makes a big difference) and have a huge glass of OJ (we go through gallons of Simply Orange). I am not a big meat eater, but will cook bacon/eggs/biscuits and gravy with sausage for others for breakfast.
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I never used to eat brekky till I wa pregnant with my eldest, when I started getting dizzy spells @ around 10am. The doc said it was because I wasn't eating breakfast, and within a week of having something light to eat when I got up, the dizziness had stopped. It became habit, and now I have to eat first thing, whatever mad time I am getting up - otherwise I feel awful (Just sitting at the PC now scoffing Sultana Bran!!!)
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I see I'm not the only one who gets sick from breakfast. My problems with eating that early started when I had a bad gallbladder infection, I'd wake up sick and sore. I can't touch what everyone considers breakfast foods here, fried stuff or cereal, even at mid day or around supper that's asking for trouble.
As it is, I also have a low appetite, I can go several hours between meals before it even feels like I have room to eat anything else. Trying to force food down only makes me sick.

DH can't stomach breakfast either, though I think his problems are related to college life several years ago.
post #43 of 52 all really depends on if i am up for breakfeast
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post
It's my favorite meal of the day!
Mine too! I always look forward to my daily dose of vegemite on molenburg grains plus toast (2 slices) and a HUGE mug of coffee. I am so satisfied til lunchtime!
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Yep, even if I only have a piece of fruit or toast...I really need it to get going, that and my coffee.
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Nah, not always. I just dont ever feel like eating breakfast I guess. I have been trying to hear lately, at least some type of cereal bar or something.
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I usually just eat whenever I'm hungry. I haven't eaten yet today because I got up an hour early and I'm just not hungry yet. Sometimes I have breakfast... sometimes it ends up being lunch.
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I started eating a healthy breakfast when I wanted to lose weight. I used to have a bagel and coffee when I got to the office. Now I have oatmeal at home and coffee when I get to work. Much healthier. So far I've lost over 30 lbs. Eating breakfast was not the only change I made but it was one of first things.
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I have a piece of sprouted-grain toast and tea when I wake up, then a "second breakfast" of a piece of toast and an egg (or grapefruit) when I'm hungry again a couple of hours later.

I eat small amounts every few hours, otherwise I get nauseous.
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I do most of the time. If I have to be somewhere in the morning I rarely do, though.
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Oh my, I am always a breakfast eater - and usually a variation of the same thing! that would be eggbeaters scrambed w/ cheese and sometimes veggies - usually with a dab of guacamole on the side! This is a 4 point WW breakfast and it really starts my day. In fact, I learned today that what you eat for breakfast is what is fueling your body at 3pm - your lunch is still sitting in your stomache!
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i do have breakky when im not sick.

Some of the things ive read from you guys are not healthy at all!

You should not eat wheat for breakfast that does not fill you up at all!
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