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The Meowhoo.com Story

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Just received confirmation that a newspaper out of Hollywood, California, ThePetPress will be publishing two articles that Anne and I have been hard at work writing. The paper has a circulation of over 89,000 and some of their readers are members of Actors and Animals!

The initial story is essentially how Meowhoo.com came to be- the friendship that has resulted in it and at the request of the publisher, we were asked to write not one article but two! We have turned the second article into a focus on ferals- showing that although Anne lives in Israel and I live in Oregon, the plight of the ferals remain the same. There is just a slight increase of more ferals in Anne's area, then in mine.

These articles will not only make good press for the new board. But I am hoping they will tug on the heartstrings and wallets of people reading it and they might make a contribution to the two organizations mentioned in the articles. The Cat Welfare Society of Israel and The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. This is just really exciting for us- and I wanted to share! The paper will be out in January 2003!
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That is great Mary Anne! It will be nice to have some good press on ferals, and publicity for Meowhoo.com. Great job!
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You two SO deserve it! Mary Anne, as you always say: YOU GO GIRL(S)!

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Oh that is AWESOME!!!! You both have worked so hard on this, and you really deserve it!! Way to go!!!!
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Thats fantastic!!!!!! Great job, I know how hard you both have worked on this project.
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