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How often do you get sick?

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I swear ever since i turned 20 my immune system has gone down the drain This is the 4th time i am sick with in the last 7 months!

Yesterday I walked into the chemist and said to the guy "I need to work!!! and started coughing really disgustingly and continued saying that i need medication to cure me really quickly"
He laughed and quickly got me three good products and asked me to choose and i told him id take them all!
As soon as i got home i took a double shot of the cough syrup and a tablet, did it again just before i went to bed and today its much better. Still sickly but not as bad as yesterday or sunday!

So how about you.. When was the last time you got sick??
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Umm...100% sick was back in 2005. That was because the company I worked at had "questionable" vents in the building (there was a black coating on the ceiling tiles surrounding it).

The landlord had people out who said that it was perfectly healthy. EVERYONE in that building was sick at some point or another. Once the lease was up we moved (thank god) and everyone stopped being sick.
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I get sick once a year with a mild cold. That's it. Oh, I whine and grumble while I'm sick (you're supposed to do that, right? ), but for the most part the cold passes quickly and I'm healthy again. The exception is when the cold comes with a cough; in my case, coughs tend to linger and sometimes turn into bronchitis, so I have to be careful about that.

If J gets sick, it lasts for one day. One day! He's a big baby about it when he is sick (bigger than me, even ), but he's ridiculously healthy.
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The last time I was sick was last September. It was a fever. I did not even get a cold this winter.
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Ummm.... I had the flu the last time I think it was this fall- when I was at my last job. It lasted for like 3 days, I was miserable!! I don't want to get sick again- ever
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I was sick from the Thursday before Xmas through the last week of March. Three entire months, half of that with pnuemonia.

I think I'm all set now.
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Hardly ever, but, when I do, it's fatal. Maybe once a year. When growing up, I used to eat children's vitamins like candy and we had to have cod liver oil tablets.
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Hrmn... my immune system seems to be doing okay... but I have unexplainable 24 hours sickies from time to time. It seems to cut down on the need for a full blown bout of flu or something. So the last time I was really sick was June/July 2005.
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I seem to get sick every time I turn around! I am just getting over a horrible Head and chest cold I have had for 4 weeks. When I get sick, I get sick! I blame it on the kids!
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Hardly ever, especially since my ex and I split and I'm not around his daughter anymore I know I was sick with a cold a few months ago, but I barely remember it
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Hmm the last time I was sick was a few months ago with that 24 hr rotovirus! Yuck!
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When i was a smoker I had chronic bronchitis and would get it about 3 times a year! I have about 5 issues with my digestive system, a breathing issue, and heart issue! So technically I have been sick every single day for the past two years! It's a major struggle but what else can i do? I usually get a head cold about twice a year (since I quit smoking)!
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Guess I am lucky I very rarely get sick. I generally get one really bad cold every 2or 3 years and the flu maybe once every 2 years. I am a firm believer in washing your hands lots if you are around people who are sick, and I try to avoid crowded places during flu season.
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