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Litterbox issues

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So we have two cats, both use the same litterbox which we religiously clean everytime they go (we live in an apt so we can smell it lol ) the 'pooh' is not in the litterbox for more than 5 minutes after the kittens have gone most of the time before we go and clean it out msotly because they go like clockwork.....

One of our cats is dillligent in the litterbox, does a lill walk around first, then digs a bit then goes pooh then covers it all up, makes it a nice big mound, then waits for us to clean it up and watch it get flushed down the toilet... ha ha


on the other hand, insists on never putting it into a mound, and most of the time, she will pooh RIGHT ON THE EDGE of the litterbox, so half of it is in, and the other half either on the edge or on the ground....

(on a different note the other cat ususaly comes by to check on it, and ensure that it is covered)

Anyways my question is.... is this a behavioural thing? or does she just have bad aim? lol


P.S. we did used to have one litterbox for each of them, when we were 'adjusting' them to each other as we didn't get them at the same time, but now have just one.... But when there were two it was the same issue, so this just hasn't 'come about' since the amalgmation of one litterbox....
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It sounds like your litter box hygeine is excellent, and both cats are using the litter box, so I would guess that one cat just has a poor aim, or is comfortable at that certain angle in the litter box that means the poop ends up on the edge!

Perhaps try getting a bigger litter box if possible, and perhaps an enclosed one?

I'm sure others may have more suggestions!
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A box with lower sides (but maybe wider) might help... worth a try?
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I have three litterboxes and Stan still managed to do this sometimes. What finally made the difference was getting litterboxes with high enough sides that he couldn't perch on the edge (the home-made rubbermaid type, or the high sided gray rubbermaid litterbox you can get at PetSmart).

He still (almost) never covers it --Bella will come by and cover it if she sees it. I think that piece of it is behavioral. It's either "look at me! I'm the big guy around here!!" or the effect of being born in a hoarder's house where any clean corner would do...
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My Chloe likes to sit right in the middle of the box, so that means that she usually pees right down the side of the box (but still on the inside). She mostly gets it all in the box, and she covers it up well, but I just don't know how to get her to stop doing that! The pee sticks to the sides of the box and I have to wipe the sides down everyday to keep the smell from getting too bad. But I also scoop and flush after almost every time one of the 2 cats uses the box. I guess Chloe is just particular about how she goes!
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