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Finally, she's laying on the couch

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I put this blanket on our couch in December so Reeses could lay there. She just now decided to take advantage of it

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awe look at reeses such a cutie Isnt it funny what we do for the kitties and they take advantage a sum months later
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We're hoping this means that EVENTUALLY she'll sit with us on the couch. I guess she was sitting next to my wife last week twice, for about 5 minutes at a time
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everything comes to those who wait - she looks rather settled there
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I love it when they sit with everything all tucked in! My daughter says our two are "sitting like toasters again" !! Great photo x
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I call that the "loaf kitty" because it looks like you could just pick her up and put her in a bread pan
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Bout time! Little Miss didn't know what she was missing out on! My cats live on the couch! Looks like she claimed a new spot!
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Hehe toster kitties cute, so nice when they sit with you.
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We call it "Chicken Kitty" because she looks like she's laying on eggs like a chicken
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LOL @ chicken kitty

Such a cute picture
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lol, it took her that long to lay on it? just another example of how cats must do things on their own terms
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now that is the prettiest meatloaf I've ever seen!!!
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What a cute girl. They certainly have there own timetable about doing things. One of my favorite saying about cats is as follows.

Dog's come when they are called,
Cat's take a message then consider getting back to you.

My two prove that point to me very elequantly everyday
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