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Television and the Media

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My DH and I have been talking all day about the problems in America. Most of the discusion has been about T.V and the media. We have turned into a nation that relies too much on tv. We spend a majority of our time now absorbed in things that are not reality and when faced with reality, ie the pet food recall, todays shooting and the war, we still concentrate most of our thoughts on whats the line up fp tonoght, we talk about shows like American Idol and 24. My Dh has been playing a song by the Disposable Heros of Hiphoprisy that I feel sums it all up. It is a sad say when our great nation is more concerned aout who the father of Anna Nicloes baby is or whether or not Britney is in rehab. I am posting the lyrics and would like to know how you guys feel. Me personally, after reading them I am sick to my stomach.

Television The Drug Of The Nation - Disposable Heros of Hiphoprisy
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its always been called friendly fire for as long as i can remember reading.
but i do agree the TV is a big issue and the junk they throw on there.

We now elect people based on looks not the issues. all thanks to the media.
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Television and the internet. Simply wonderful inventions that have revolutionised media and the exchange of information, and have literally shaped the world as we know it, today.

Such a shame that, as is so typical of humans, these things have progressed and multiplied and infiltrated to the point where they are now gargantuan entities that are corrupting our society instead of enhancing it. It makes me sad, our propensity to eventually poison every good thing we invent.
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I think the song lyrics are great and true!

UNfortunately, we let the media make our decisions for us and take little no responsibility for us choosing to ACCEPT the way media is going, because as the consumer, we drive what is provided for us.
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