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Power struggle

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Ok I have a question or what ever. I have 5 cats, two of the cats are fighting for "power" and I am sick of it. Three years ago I adopted my then kitten Ashley. Since then I have added another female and both each had a litter of kittens. I kept 1 kitten from each litter, then one of the kittens became pregnant and had a litter. I kept the boy from that litter, therefore it adds up to 5 cats total. All of them are spayed and neutered.

The problem is my cat Ashley is the queen of the house, has been for three years. Black Diamond (BD), my 10 month old male, is thriving to become the king of the house. Ashley, knowing BD trying to dominate the house, is fighting her place of power and refuses to give up her domaine.

This has been going on since BD was 4 months old. Hissing, growling on both of their parts, wacking each other, you name it. But lately Ashley has been showing signs of surrender yet BD refuses to back down. He still chases her, watches her, pounce on her while she sleeps, hiss and whacks her everytime he gets in the mood. Ashley will either defend herself or runs away from him, but when she does either of those two things BD continues to pester her till either I distract BD or I let Ashley outside.

Just now, actually for the last 35 minutes they have been chasing each other and snarling with their hair standing upright. BD took a good whack, now he lost one of his claws on his left front paw.

I want this to stop, I know it is natural for two cats to fight for "power" but Ashley is givning up her domain yet BD is too subborn to back down. How can I stop this maddness? what can I do to get BD to quit his stupidness?
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Poor cats, that doesn't sound like a happy situation for either one! Sometimes cats just don't get along, just like people. I hope they will learn to co-exist with each other, but if not, you may have to consider finding a new home for one. I'm sure they are all your babies, and it would be hard, but it sounds like a very stressful environment for Ashley and the others.

I know alot of people recommend the Feliway plug-ins to help calm cats, I've never used them but I'm sure it would be worth a try to see if it works! Good luck!
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Feliway is good, but it sounds like you need to find a home for BD. Try the Feliway first and see how that goes. You may have reached critical mass of cats with those personalities.
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