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cold paws?

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What could make a cat's rear paws feel cold? Front paws are warm, but the back ones feel cold. I've noticed this a few times this past week.

He's also not eating very well at all and is just lying around looking like he feels bad and hiding a lot.

He's barely eating his wet food & barely drinking any water (if any) - I know because I measure it, but he has peed a large amount twice today.

One of his ears is bothering him - it's red & has some gunk in it. Would this cause him to not eat as well?

Took him to the vet and bloodwork was ok. I'm just really worried about him. Any thoughts on what the cold feet could be caused by?

He has ate some of the recalled food. I don't know how much because of course the cans & pouches he had been fed were thrown away. I did have a few remaining that matched the numbers on the list.
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I dont know but when Dillon was in the vet, after he had his funny turn, this is one of the things the vet said, his back paws were colder than his front ones, she thought it important. His blood pressure was sky high and they worried about thrombosis. They put him on two days of heparin and a drip and his back paws are now warm, but they check them.
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Have you explained all of your concerns to your vet? What did they say about the ear?

You may want to see a different vet and get a second opinion - I would if I were in your shoes.
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I agree with GingersMom about getting a second opinion. If he is not eating and drinking well, and acting lethargic there is definitely something wrong with him and they need to figure out what it is.

Please let us know what you find out.
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I'll second what the others said about a second opinion. And cmo is right, poor circulation to the rear limbs can be a sign of a blood clot.
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