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being Chachi!
I miss you my girl! (She ran away 5 months ago).

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Awwww thats so funny, but bless her she's gorgeous Never give up hope though
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Awwww thats so funny, but bless her she's gorgeous Never give up hope though
now that is a good look!!
i agree never give up hope
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Am sorry to hear she's missing - have you looked for her? Is she spayed? What's the story behind her running away?
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My Chachi had come to us on April of 2004. She is this little angel with big blue eyes! That always caught the attention of my family and friends.
It wasn't until July of last year that I had her spayed. She had 3 litters of kitties. Both of her first kitties died. From her second litter I have Mixy. Her brother Pupy also "disappeared". He was white like his mom, and both he and Mixy have no tail! On her third litter she had Sassy, Tonky and Patches. Patches also "disappeared". She was this precious little kitty with brown, black, white.
Four months after her spay Chachi left. I hate to admit but she had been in a very bad mood for some time. She'd hiss and sometimes sratch her kitties. She'd even hiss at me. I looked for her (and still do ) by going through the neighborhood. I asked around but nobody knew anything. I went to the our local pound, we only have one here. I went there about 5 times and asked the girl to let me know if she would be taken there. Nothing. I also posted posters around but never knew anything.
This is very hard for me because around this time I also lost my "human" best friend too! I have no idea why she got mad at me.
I am happy that I have my 3 kids. I have them spayed and neutered. I just hope that stay with me forever!!
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wow, thats a fantastic photo - look at her eyes, she is such a treasure, I am sending lots of 'come-home' (((((( vibes )))))) for sweet Chachi
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