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How do you deal with...

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losing your precious kitty but not knowing if she has indeed crossed the bridge?
My Chachi ran away 5 months ago. She never came back and there is no closure. I pray that she is alive somewhere and that she is ok.
I will always wonder.
I miss you my Chachi!

One of the last pictures that I have of Chachi.
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See my avatar? That's Samantha. She was my little Drama Queen. She was 11 months old when she disappeared. That was almost 7 years ago. What can I say? The wondering never goes away, but as with all grief the horrible hole becomes more navigable. My heart is with you.
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With a heavy heart

I have a photo of my 'lost' kitty Rupert on the wall - my neightbours were supposed to be looking after him and they said he never came home one afternoon Now I have certainly forgiven my neighbours, but I often look at Ruperts photo and wonder - but I know for certain he is over the Bridge now, its been 18yrs and he was 3 when we lost him

So thats my saving grace now, I know he's over the Bridge

I always thought in the early days that he had taken up at someone elses house and that helped greatly maybe thats where Chachi is
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I hope she's in a loving home right now, although i'm certain she is because she's gorgeous I'm sure she won't forget you either
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Tomorrow will be a week since Pepper was put to sleep. I miss her terribly, but I am accepting this. While I am NOT ready to get another cat, I go down to Petco and talk to the cats there and pet them. When we dropped Pepper off it was 2 pm. Sometime between 4 and 5, but closer to 5, I felt it was when she passed. Don't tell me how I know. I just know. We lost a cat while camping back in the 1960s. I never did feel when he passed. He was about 5 yrs old at the time. I think he probably was either taken in by someone else or he lived a long time on his own. I am sure that Chachi is alive and well right now. She is probably doing all things I wouldn't let her do like catch chimpmunks.
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I do sometimes feel that she is still out there. One thing that consoles me is that her little body was never seen on the street.
I am sorry for your losses too.
I also have a picture of her on my desk.
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Stinky was lost a few years ago and I can only assume that she didn't make it long on her own. I suppose its possible she's still out there somewhere, maybe has found a nice home, but its nice to think that her and Alley are together again since Alley passed. Stinky would be about 11 if she survived.
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You can only hope and pray that she found another loving family and is being cared for and loved. What a sweetheart. Years and years ago, my sweet Pandora went missing. We looked for her for months, and every time we saw a cat that looked like her, we went crazy thinking it was her until of course we discovered it wasn't. That went on for years. You never forget your furbabies.
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Sorry to read about Chachi. Its hard to tell you the magic words to cope with your tragic situation. Like you, I would be heartbroken. What I can say, is that we are all here for you if you need to talk.

Chachi will always be in your heart
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Keep your Hope.

I had my ol tomcat take off he came back after 6 months,I hope this happens with you.

I also as a child had this happen my beloved Torti ran away im sure she found a home but i often wonder were she went,

Hugs to you!
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I still search throught the neighborhood and there was one that looked like her but it wasn't. I still pass by that house but that kitty isn't there anymore!
Since we live about a block from an elementary school, I worry that she might have walked over there and something could have happend. Maybe a kid picked her up or a parent?
I hope that one day she would come home.
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Chachi is beautiful!
Today is the 11th day that I haven't seen my Tower. He grew up a feral so I hope that he is out there somewhere caring for himself and will come home soon. Even though I tried to keep him in, he got out alot since outdoors was where he was most happy, but he was always was around at feeding time and at night for his sleep.
There are many cat haters around me and I can only hope that nobody hurt him. I am heartbroken at the not knowing, so I understand how you are feeling.

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This is a tough one...and my heart definitely aches for you.

You have to find a way to make peace with easy it is for me to say, and as hard as it is to actually do. Do not blame yourself...these things happen, even to people who love their cats to the end of the planet.

You must keep telling yourself that one way or another, Chachi is okay. Perhaps that means she's found a way to fend for herself outdoors, perhaps she's in another loving home, perhaps she ended up in a shelter, and was adopted by a nice family, or...God forbid, she crossed The Bridge, which means she is playing happily in the meadows with our other beloved felines. It's really about putting a lot of faith into something bigger than all of us.

Remember her fondly, and know that you've done the best that you could. Pray for her, and know there's a reason for everything.

Hold her in your memory, try to not hang onto guilt...and take it one day at a time.
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What a wonderful post. I hope you know how many of us you have helped out by writing it. Bless you!

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you have all helped.
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I know how you feel.

Last fall I had to move to a care center and could not take my cats with me. I left my cats in two separate homes. The person caring for Beau has not contacted me for months. I have no idea where he is, or if he is even alive.
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I hope that your kitty is fine.
I hate to think of this but if Chachi has Crossed the Bridge, my Sweet Tabby was waiting there for her.
After my Tabby passed, I decided not to have a cat again. It is still very hard on me losing Tabby, 6 years later. But one April morning in 2004, this precious white kitty appeared in the backyard meowing. I felt that Tabs might have sent her.
Chachi left me 3 beautiful kittys whom I adore.
Thank you all for your replies.
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My thoughts are with you. I really, really hope she´s okay.
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Awww, how hard to deal with..I pray that Chachi is somewhere okay..maybe all fat and being fed by a family

I am so sorry must be so hard I hope she comes home.
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Chachi is gorgeous! I pray for him, amd I pray for all of you who are going through this ( and have been through it). I pray that all thse sweet cats are ok and are in a good home.
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