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Please HELP, our Tiddle is running a Fever, vet can't find reason

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I am so heartbroken our precious Tiddle Cat (6 yrs. old) began getting sick last Wednesday, I first noticed she was very lethargic and wouldn't eat, she would get a little drink now and then but not much. I called the vet on Thursday and took her in on Friday. She was running a 104.5 temp. The vet ran several blood test on her and everything came out okay. She checked her ears and gums, felt her abdomen...could not find anything wrong. She gave us an antibotic Clavamox and gave her a shot to lower her temp. She has been taking the antibotic since Friday, she is still not eating only drinking a little.

I took her back to the vet today(Monday) The vet looked her over again, she was still running a temp, the vet recommended that they give her fluids (I.V.) and she stay the night for observation, she said the fluids should make her temp go down. I got a call from the vet this evening, Tiddle temp is STILL high. They are going to give more fluids and see how she is in the morning. If her temp is still elevated they are going to X-ray her chest.

I asked the vet if she could possibly have Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), she said that was highly unlikely because Tiddle was an indoor cat and never goes outside.

PLEASE, does anyone have any suggestions. Has anyone had a similar situation with their kitty?

My husband and I dearly love our kitty and are at such a loss because no one seems to know what is going on.
Thank you.
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The only thing I could recommend is to try to find another vet. People make mistakes. Another vet would be able to offer a second opinion and potentially find something that was missed.
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Was blood work done???? if not I would suggest at least a CBC panel to see if there is a obvious infection.. and do to age a full senior panel wouldnt be a bad idea as it usually is first done age 6-10 yrs
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Have they checked her heart? I also second the bloodwork.
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Hunny hunny, it must be so frustrating. I understand! "Some" blood tests are insufficient. You need them all. All tests. Your beloved kitty needs a complete CBC which shows any and all properties of the blood work. What is Tiddle's white blood cell count and how elevated is it? This is usually the first sign of an "intruder" in the body....and a symptom of an underlying cause of something.

If no distinct diagnosis is made, then please ask for a referral to an internist.

I'm only bringing this up because my beloved Sasha, started losing weight rapidly and very lethargic at this time last Spring. On April 16 we took him in and his white blood cells were sky high at 19,000. We were referred to a wonderful internist who pinpointed the issue in under four hours: a very hard to find, diffused liver cancer that had no mass or tumor.

Please press on, ask for a second tier specialist if need be. You have great advice here from the others.
((((Hugs to you))) and please keep us posted.
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I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been mentioned. Make sure they do complete bloodwork and get a second opinion if necessary. I'll be thinking of you and your kitty. Please let us know what you find out.

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I feel your pain...I truly do. Back in the early 90s, Angel was acting funny, as well (can't remember specifics of it now) and our vet couldn't tell us, either, what was going on.

We ended up taking her to MSU (Michigan State Univ) Small Animal Clinic and within hours they knew....she had Cardiomyopathy.

If you have a vet school around you (or within a few hours), I would a SECOND. It may run you at least $100 for an office visit, but dang-well worth every penny.

I am considering taking Ashie to MSU because something is going on with her, as well, that we cannot figure out.
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She has had a complete CBC blood panel and 2 other blood tests. Yesterday she had a chest x-ray and an x-ray of her abdomen, still no problems they can see. She is still running a temp from 103.3-103.9 today. Is there anything I can do to try to lower her temp?

I am now force feeding her "Hills A/D with a syringe. Does anyone know how much I should try to get down her and how many times a day.? I am also forcing Pedalite with a syringe (she is not drink very much water at all.) How much liquid should I attempt to get down her and how often. she weighs 12 pounds. She has already lost 2 lbs.

She was on Clavamox, today the vet had me come by and get Baytril tablets.

I'm sorry to be such a PAIN! I'm am just so frustrated and confused.

Thank you!
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DUMB ???? time what did the blood work say??
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
DUMB ???? time what did the blood work say??
The blood work came out fine. Nothing at all showed up on any of the tests????? That is one reason this is all so frustrating for me.
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I'm not sure this will be much help to you, but when my Simba was a kitten, he ran a fever like that for a couple of days that we never did find a cause for. The vets dx'd it as "FUO".....Fever of Unknown Origin. They repeatedly ran FeLeuk & FIV tests, as well as toxoplasmosis, FIP, and lots of other blood work......all to no avail. The fever eventually went away on its own and in almost 10 years, he's never had another health issue until his asthma came up last week. The vet told me fevers of unknown origin are not necessarily uncommon.

Also, cats can run remarkably high fevers from stress alone. I've seen my Nala run as high as 104 at the vet when she was young, and at home it was normal. That wouldn't explain your kitty's not wanting to eat, though. Did they offer any appetite stimulant?

As far as the a/d.......this was an issue just last week with my Simba and the vet told me to try & get him to take at least 1/2 of one of those 35cc syringes full of a/d. She said 1/2 of that syringe a few times a day would be sufficient to at least get something into him (and he's a 17 lb cat).

I hope your Tiddle Cat is feeling better soon! I know it's so heartbreaking & frustrating when they won't eat and don't feel well.
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Thank you so much for all the information. Yes, the vet told me that's the universal saying 'Fever of an unknown origin". If she'd just eat, I wouldn't worry quite so much.
I'm using the 35cc syringe also and the first feeding I got about 20cc down Tiddle. I had already decided that I wasn't going to feed her quite as much for supper...around 15cc probably and then again 10-15 before bedtime.

She is not drinking water either, maybe just a little lick now and then. The vet said pedalite 8-10cc at a time several times a day.
Bless you and Bless your Kittys too!
Terri & Tiddle
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Aside from the CBC would it make sense to run a antibody test for heartworm?Heartworm it cats can look "weird"Anything from fever lethargic loss of appetite.
To help her with nutrition and fluids I would also try to give her something like catsip(cat formulated milk with nutrients).
On a side note one of my boys normal temp is actually round 103 nothing wrong with him he just hot blooded.
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sending lots and lots of vibes to you and tiddle. tiddle is a gorgeous kittie.
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