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I met my DH at a dance back in 1977, barely out of High School. We dated for 6 months and have been married for alittle over 29 years. The rest is history.

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Does it count if you (a) never actually got married and (b) aren't still together? This gentleman and I are still best friends, and I expect we'll grow old in adjacent rocking chairs on the front porch of the old folks' home, so I think he counts as... let's call him a Dear Ex! So here's how I met DX:

In Austin (TX) in 1984, I was working at two sister radio stations, one Rock & Roll and one Adult Contemporary. I did everything there, from writing spots and doing voicework to answering phones to filling in as a DJ on both stations. I knew there was this guy with a great baritone voice who did traffic from the plane (no helicopter -- just a little Cessna) and hosted an oldies show on Saturday nights for the Rock & Roll side, but because he worked mostly out of the airport, I'd never met him.

So one day, I come in the front door of the station on my way to a production room, and I notice a fellow sitting in the lobby, talking to the receptionist. I barely glance at him, because he looks like a teenager, wearing shorts and mismatched tube socks... I just head on toward the hallway.

And then from behind me, I hear him say something in the most perfect Jack Nicholson voice I've ever heard in my life. I whirl around, delighted, and say, "That was the most perfect Jack Nicholson voice I've ever heard in my life!"

"Whyyy, thankya, thankyaverramush," he says, in the most perfect Elvis voice I've ever heard in my life.

Well, anybody who can make me laugh that hard has my full attention. So even though he was just out of college and six years younger, our traffic reporter/oldies host and I got to be friends.

I had just recently discovered Springsteen (I don't know how I missed out for so long!), and he was a big fan, too, so he dubbed off some bootleg Bruce for me. One night he called me and said, "I've got to bowl!" so we went bowling. Eventually, we decided to try being a couple, which we did for four years before realizing it just wasn't the right relationship -- we were meant to be best friends.

So we separated, I later introduced him to my best friend from high school (who had just reappeared in my life), and they got married and now have an amazing twelve-year-old boy for whose existence I take as much credit as I can grab! I'm just happy as can be for them, we remain very involved in each other's lives, and nobody ever had better friends.
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I apologize in advance, this is a bit long, but I want to tell the whole thing.
Dh to be ended up taking in a cat that he had advised a friend about, and she was a biter. He was seeking advice on how to deal with this (and I mean she was a real biter) and being as into computers as he was, ended up in one of the first online forums for pets (this was back in the early 1990's).

I met a gal at Madison Square garden where I was showing one of my American Curls who was very interested in the breed. We became good friends, and I was fascinated with her telling me about Prodigy, message boards etc. I got my first computer during this time, and during the first several years of our friendship, she found this same forum, I joined and eventually became a sysop there.

Dh to be was involved enough on the forum that he also was asked to be a sysop...as a new sysop, I noticed when he began posting in the private message section that was just for sysops. I was just for the first time in 9 years, feeling ready to try even flirting with someone again...I found his emails intriguing and we emailed privately a couple of times, cat chat etc.

This was the Fall of 1994...in December that year, I decided to send him a care package...homemade cookies, goodies for his kitties, and (thank you Great Aunt Marion) some of my great aunt's homemade raspberry preserves. I was so uncomfortable doing this, afraid of him thinking I was some odd older chick...kept telling myself it was never wrong/foolish/silly to gift some one.

I was rather frustrated with some emails because I could not tell what he was thinking...was he/could he be interested in me? I think I once told him he did coy better than any woman I knew!! I knew he was younger, though not how much (turns out 13 1/2 years)...and at least knew he was who he said, as another forum member had met him.

We had a bet about an online cat show (photos) being done on the forum..whoever lost would have to call the other. I believe he arranged to lose after that first telephone call we only missed less than a week of talking every day thereafter until we married in the Fall of 1995. We were engaged the day after Valentine's day 1995- flustered everyone in both families, all my co-workers etc. as we were engaged before ever being in the same state. While he was from NJ, he'd been out on the West Coast for years, and was a Desert Storm vet, who after discharge from the Army, remained on the West Coast. I was living/working in Central NYS.

What can I say...this was meant to be, I truly believe that God brought us together, and my belief that we were meant to be has only grown stronger and stronger over the years. Our 12th anniversary is this Fall
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What a wonderful story, Pat & Alix! Makes me so happy for you both... clearly you've found your true soulmate.
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I'm not currently married but I currently have a GF and I met her at a new years party last year. I kind of owe it all to a buddie of mine. Me and a bunch of my friends went to play hockey and my buddie invited someone he met at the University. So I met him that night and then at the new years party a couple weeks later, he came along and he brought on of his frinds who brought one of his friends who happens to be my current GF.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
What a wonderful story, Pat & Alix! Makes me so happy for you both... clearly you've found your true soulmate.
Thank you! I did
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