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Cally has Mucas on her back end

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It must have been her plug??Anyone know what this means?
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Its labour time! What colour is the mucus? I think ive read if its greeny - thats no good...bit clear or slightly red tinged its ok.

(ETA - just saw your other thread saying it was a clear discharge. Sounds all normal. I'd say babies are due very soon! How is she now?)

I just saw a pic of Cally's huge tummy in my thread for Olivia. I was saying to you as a reply that it looks like Oliva and Cally are in the same boat. But Im glad you are going to be put out of the waiting game 'misery' soon.

VERY best of luck to Cally and those kitties...hope all goes ok. Keep us posted.
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She is back to her normal self again lol she is playing games,But she is getting there she is pacing at the moment ill be up all night with her so ill keep all updated,She does seem to be dilating a bit also,Crosses fingers i want to see my babies!
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It should be very soon. I noticed a mucusy discharge and 20 min later the first baby came out LOL
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No Babies i have been up with her all night,She would not let me go too bed,I would go to lay down and she would scratch at the door,So hopefully today im leaving for Winnipeg tomorrow morning.
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Ok,She was just sitting on the couch and she sat up and there was some mucas but this time it was like a tan colour anyone know what that means
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tan colour is fine , a brownie , pinky , clear is all fine , it could be a few hours or it could be 48 hours. just keep an eye on her she will have them when she is ready
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She was sitting here meowing at me then she went to the bathroom and started eating she is driving me crazy lol.
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she burried herself in a blanket then went into her box,But she does not want me out of her site she will move if i get up.

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This waiting game is driving me crazy,She is now burried in the blanket cross fingers she starts having them soon!
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it sounds like she is really close now. I couldnt leave boo's site all day when she had her's. I just knew they were coming. She would get in the box but if i got up to leave she would too. even inbetween having 2 kittens i tried to leave and she followed me. I ended up sat on my bedroom floor with her for the best part of 6 hours. LOL

I was rather numb by the time she had finished.

I will keep all my fngers and toes crossed that this is it x x x x
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She settled in the closet,She rested her head on my hand i was laying down with her,but the floors make ya numb,So i got up and she is sitting here screaming at me,So i will go back and tend to her,I will keep all posted,I am going to photograph the birth i will post pictures as soon as the little babies make an apperance.
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It really does sound like it will be soon! So exciting!
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Oh im going crazy lol im super excited to welcome them too this world!
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oh good luck. I have to go out now (kids and swimming lessons) But i will check in when i get back home to see how things are going.

Take care, x x x x x
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Thanks so much,I will post as soon as she starts pushing!
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Omg!!! I Just Checked On Her And Her Water Broke!!!!
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Oh My Im So Excited She Is In Her Box Grooming Herself,soon,lol
Breath Lori Breath!
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