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Is he a mole or a cat???

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(long, sorry )

Ok, he's definitely a kitten. I have two kitten siblings who I adopted from wonderful Eilcon last November and they are the best thing that have ever happened to my family. However, I have a question. The gray and white kitten, Douglas, who is now 9 months old wants so badly to go outside - or maybe he just wants dirt to play in...he keeps knocking my plants over onto the floor and laying in the dirt. He was rescued from a feral colony when he was only 8 weeks old, so he didn't spend that much time outside. However, this is one thing we can't seem to make him happy about - being an indoor only kitty. He seems very happy with our family otherwise except for this plant - dirt issue. We moved all the plants from the ledge so they could run across it withou disturbing them, but this one he knocked over from another cabinet. (They are safe, not poisonous to him).

I thought about fixing him up a box of dirt but am afraid he will use it as a litter box. We tried growing him some grass, and he pulled it up and turned over the contained on the floor so he could get to the dirt.

Any ideas of how to make him happier regarding this issue?

Meowmy of dirt-boy.
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I think the box is a good idea. You could also make the dirt box be supervised time so he doesn't go to the bathroom in it. I'd actually make a large box with dirt and put some cat grass in it, along with some random toys. Kitty playground.

Puppy also loves to get dirty. We had to board up the crawlspace because he would go down there. Last night, he discovered the fireplace flu. I've never had a cat like him before, but he seems to quite enjoy getting nice and filthy. Some cats just are a little odd like that.
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