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Schedual for the Kitten

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Well, many people have said that kittens are like young children, that they need schedualing. So, how do I go about this.
I am up at 5:30 a.m. and go to bed at 10:00 p.m. I also have school for about 7 and a half hours a day. So, I am not always able or willing to play with her or monitor her every move.
A little help please?
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What is it you're trying to schedule - food, playtime, what? How old is she? What do you feed her and how often? Does she have any toys (preferably interactive)?
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If she's under 4-5 months old, its better to confine her to a bedroom or bathroom (with litter pan) when you cannot supervise.

As far as playing, when you get home, be sure to play a little, then feed supper and play some more before bed time

With you gone most of the day, are you considering adopting a 2nd kitten to keep her company? Two really is no more trouble then one (as long as both are spayed/neutered early) - they can entertain each other and have company when you are not home.
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Ok, well she is 2 and a half months old. She has tons of energy and tends to want to play too much at night.
I'm new to life with a kitten; it's much like having a new born in the house.
I need help on how long to play with her? When? When to fead her? How many times to fead her? How to break the habit of sleeping during the day? Everything!
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My Mother is home to take care of her during the day.
She also has my male cat, which is three years old but he's an outdoor not an indoor. We don't have room or patience for another terror (kitten). Lol.
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