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Links to good sites about cat grooming professionally

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I am seriously wanting to learn this, I may have a job if I can. My teacher is looking to ad a cat groomer to her small shop and expanding and I would love to be a part of it all. I expressed my interest in grooming cats before I knew any of this. She told me to read up and learn what I can and she will be willing to shop me some too, but I need to know the basics. I have already been reading up on my own before I talked to her, I have some of the supplies already and groom my own cats when needed.

I need to know the popular tools and specifically what they are used for. Step by step guides on how to groom. Techniques on grooming and bathing. Any little detailed bit of information on professional cat grooming.

Maybe someone on here is/was a cat groomer. I am talking about everyday routine grooming and bathing, not necessarily for show cats although a touch of knowledge on that would be excellent too.

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Well I've observed many longhair and shorthair grooming of cats just be showing them. Plus tips from breeders, etc. I'm not sure if you really can read up on it, unless you looked for books on Amazon about Cat Show Grooming. Most books have general grooming sections.

There are many threads in here regarding washing cats - I've posted to quite a few on the step by step instructions and others have added their grooming techniques. Maybe do a search on that.

Also you could attend a few cat shows in your area and observe the grooming of show cats - its basically the way you would groom a longhair. Not while they are grooming, but after the cat is in the ring or they are not so busy at their benching area, speak to a few people about grooming tips - let them know what you want to do.

Its a lot easier to watch someone do it then to put it down on paper. If you were closer, I could easily show you how to groom cats
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I believe mzjazz2u is a kitty groomer, she might be able to help you too
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I believe mzjazz2u is a kitty groomer, she might be able to help you too
I'm a self made kitty groomer only. It happend because of need but none the less, I do have some experience. And it's something that you get better at the more you do. I remember my first attempts, I was so proud and thought I did such a great job! And now I look back and think... YIKES! But I learned a lot from the best. Jean from Steeplechase and Mary from Petmar taught me a lot! There are a lot of professional grooming tools that really come in handy but the place you may be working at probably already has or will have. But there are some good tools on this site: JB Wholesale Pet Supply

And check this out too. There are a few tips here. Mostly for home grooming but you can apply some of it in a shop. Grooming Tips

It is a lot easier to show then to type out directions. But there are some ways of learning that are non traditional. Check this out: Pet Groomer
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I agree with you - its a lot easier to just show the grooming then to try and type it out. That's why I suggested she go to some shows and watch them groom the longhair cats.

IMO I'd make a pretty good groomer since I've shown both long and short hair cats and can do the grooming on both
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I would love to go to shows if I knew how to find out that there are any in my area! I am constantly reading the newspapers, news, events, listening to the radio, but I never hear of anything.
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You can look up the show schedules of CFA, ACFA, or TICA and see where a close one is - the shows don't always advertise in the newspaper or radio.







When you find a show you'd like to go to - contact the show entry clerk or show manager and ask them where it is, time, etc.
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