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Hello, glad to be a new member.

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Hello everyone!
I am brand new to these forums - my boyfriend, who is in the Army, chats on Army forums all the time so I needed a place to come and chat.
My kitten is going to be 4 months old as of November 15. We found her abandoned outside of our apartment when she was only two weeks old. She was outside of our apartment on Friday evening and by Saturday afternoon I decided to take her home (her mom had not been seen during the entire time we were watching her out our window). She came right to me when I walked out there...she was kind of crawling because she could not yet walk right. The poor thing was covered in fleas - we had to give her four baths to deal with the problem, and we had problems with them right up until we could treat her with Advantage. We weren't sure if we were going to keep her when we picked her up because neither of us were cat people, but after those baths and her falling asleep with us, we were sold. She was only the size of our hands when we found her, and now that little rat has grown to three times that size. We love her dearly and are so glad she came into our life.
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Welcome to you and your furbabe. I hope you enjoy yourself here-everyone is friendly and very helpful. So jump in, the water is fine!

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Awwwww, that is a really happy ending It really upsets me to know people just dump their kittens but now she has a nice loving home with someone that has just been converted lol

Oh, and welcome to the forums ! I'm new myself and loving every minute
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that second smiley face was supposed to be a sad face
sheesh, I shouldn't post when I'm tired !
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Welcome Crystal - well, you're truly a cat-person now, you've even joined The Cat Site!!

Join in, have fun and tell us some more about your little kitty. What's her name? What kind/colour is she? Have you got any pictures of her you can post (we just adore to ooh and ahh over pictures of cute kitties).

Oh, and thanks so much for taking her in when you could've just left her where she was.
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Hey CKuznik, you're a true hero and cat lover Welcome to kitty paradise.
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Welcome to the site Crystal! I think kittens can make converts of almost anyone, given half a chance. We have one member whose hubby went from being a bonafide cat hater to a cat lover and rescuer. Talk about a turn around!

Be careful here, though, as it is very addictive. Your boyfriend will have to fight you for the computer! LOL
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