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My girlfriends cat had kittens nearly 3 weeks ago. Does there need to be a certain amount of time between getting her (the cat that is ) spayed and birth?

Thanks for the help!
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From what I've read on here, it is about 8 weeks when they are weaned from the Queen. If this isn't accurate, someone please correct me.
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most vets will spay the mum when the kittens are about 8 weeks , but check with your vet , as some like all the milk to have dried up first.
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Just make sure momma is staying inside until she is spayed. She can get pregnant again after birth while still nursing, I believe.
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some vets will do it right away, especially in the case of ferals, but as long as she stays inside so this mistake doesn't happen again then you can wait until 8 weeks.
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Very True,All vets are different,Run it by your vet.

Mine they will not touch the cat until the kittens are gone.

Call and ask!
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