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Ivo's second exciting evening

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Ivo had quite an exciting night last night. She has recently become fascinated with the plastic bags my local grocery store uses. She sniffs them and licks them and gets really into playing with them. Last night, when I came home I put some bags I got shopping on the floor for her to play with while I straightened up. A few minutes went by, then I heard her running around and the sound of crinkling plastic. She had stepped through the handles of one of the bags, and was running around trying to get away from it. Of course, me chasing her to get it off only scared her more. I finally snagged the bag as she ran past me to get it off her leg. She hid behind the couch for 15 minutes after that.

Also, the rodent who runs around on the roof was back last night. It didn't come up to the window to taunt Ivo this time, but she got excited anyways watching it run around on the roof. We spent about 10 minutes watching it. I love my silly kitty!
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Christy - poor Ivo, caught up in a plastic bag! It paints a very funny picture of a derranged kitty hurtling around your kitchen!

They do some silly and endearing things don't they?
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Thats is too cute!! :laughing:
Ad yes, thats why we love them, they try so hard to be dignified and graceful, but every now and then.... :laughing2:
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Goodness, being chased by the plastic crinkle monster and seeing the mouse she can't get all in one night?!?! What's a kitty supposed to do with all that excitement?

I had a bit of excitement this morning. I had heard all of you guys talking about chirruping at the critters outside the window, but my babies never did that. This morning, Ophelia did it! She saw a little bird on the tree outside and started making all kinds of noises. It almost scared me at first, but I realized what she was doing. It was really cute!
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Poor Ivo! But SO CUTE! Our kitties love all bags, but paper is the favorite. Have you tried opening up a paper bag that is slipped into a plastic bag?

...although the poor thing probably won't be interested in plastic bags for a while! :tounge2:
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Poor Ivo! I can just picture that in my head! :laughing:
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My babies love bags. I always make sure that the handles are cut off because hubby had a previous cat who go his head stuck in the handle! It was panic stricken.
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A few days ago, Rowdy got tangled up, in a plastic bag and went flying all over the house, scared to death. I, finally caught her and got it off. She was so freaked, that she peed herself. I picked her up, to soothe her and Ike came and nuzzled and kissed her. She has avoided plastic bags, since.
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She has avoided plastic bags, since.
Ivo avoided plastic bags for a day. I can't decide if her short-term memory isn't very good, or if the bags smell/taste THAT good that she'd go back to playing with them after her big scare.

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Poor Rowdy - that must've really scared her.

Fifi hates plastic bags, she runs a mile when I bring shopping back or change the binliner. The others are totally ambivalent - but give them shiny foil balls and they'll play for hours.
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