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Hello again! The babies are all 5 weeks old tomorrow!

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Time flies! They are all doing GREAT! Obnoxious little twits that they are! It is official...I have 2 boys and 5 girls! Good grief! Names have been changed a bit, they are now Tippy, Tuck, Tiny, Shady, Sandy, Bullseye, and Patrick! lol! Patrick really doesn't fit does it? Oh well....they were born 3 days before St. Patricks day, so one of them had to be!

Now, the weird details. For some reason, the 2 runts of the litter are HUGE and the one that was the biggest at birth is about 2/3s the size of the others! WEIRD! That is Tiny, she is also the most energetic! The other weird thing is that for some reason mommy decided it was time for them to leave my room...she brought them all down to the family room today. I don't get it. They get plenty of attention in my room, but I guess not enough for her. Now Warlock is FREAKING out! Poor things, they get hissed at and growled at by him. But for some reason mom wants them down here. I don't get it. Any ideas?
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Oh, I'm so glad they are doing great. I've been wondering about them! Do post more pics if you have them. Also, add their birthdate to the already delivered list when you have time. I bet they are as cute as ever!

I know what you mean about one that was biggest at birth being the smallest all of a sudden. I have that too with one of mine. It's weird how that happens. I don't know why Dutchess is now wanting them to be more socialized, that is too funny. She knows what she is doing though, right?
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As I said, all of a sudden, today, she wants them down here and right now all of them are chowing down on Kitten Chow. Maybe they are just ready to leave the nest? Still seems young to me, they are only 5 weeks old! Great, I just realized that since she wants them down here that means I am going to have to have a litter box in my family room! UGH! YUCK! And of course my mom and her husband are visiting right now too...he doesn't even like cats! (sick, sick man!) This should be fun. It did surprise me how quick they started to use the litter box...they were about 3 1/2 weeks old using it!
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Pics of these babies!!!!!!

Happy 5 week birthday little kitties.

Mum cats have their instincts for moving them to the family room...maybe its her favourite room before she was pregnant? If you are keeping the kitties in that room, just make sure its kitten safe. And I would also give Warlock lots of attention when the kittens are around to prevent jelousy/territorial behavior issues. I presume Warlock is a cat, right? If so, i would get Feliway plug in diffusers on the go. They help alleviate problems in multiple cat households and are great when there are new additions to the house and the older kitties are hissing/growling and generally being stroppy.
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Five weeks old! I bet they are SO adorable. We simply must have pictures
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Yes i cant wait to see some more baby pics.

Maybe mum just thinks its time they became members of the family.
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O.k. Dtchess where are those babies.
I was here when she gave birth I want to see those pretty babies at 5 weeks

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I can't wait to see pics
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