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My New Kitty and her snotty nose :(

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hi everyone, im new here, and im not even sure if this is the right place to post this (if its not i apologise)

I just got a new himalayan kitten, her name is Noodle, and she has been getting comfortable to my place very quickly, everything is fine in that respect, but i notice that her nose is always runny, and she sneezes alot, im guessing that its the air in the apartment, so i try to solve it by opening windows and letting air in, but her nose runs alot and there is crusty, dried snot under her nose that i dont know how to get out, i tried wiping it with kleenex, and wet kleenex, but to no avail, does anyone have any tips on how to get the crustys out from under her nose ?

thanks everyone.
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Welcome to TCS!!!

Sounds like she may have an upper respiratory infection, which can be treated pretty easily. If you haven't already, please take her to your vet for evaluation ASAP!

Also, she'll need her first set of shots, too, if she hasn't gotten them yet, so a trip to the vet is your best bet!
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yes, i have a vet appointment scheduled for tonight, i was definetly ask about that, she has had her first set of shots last week, so could this possibly be remnants of the shots? hmm, also she was bred in the country, lived there for 2 months from birth, then this past weekend i picked her up from the breeder, and brought her home to the stinky smelly city, i wonder if that could be affecting her too, adjustment to the city air.
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How old is the kitten? How recent were the last shots? It could be an upper respiratory infection, so I would make an appointment with the vet and have her checked out.
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YUP, what they said!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi - Welcome. I have 2 persians and am constantly wiping crusties from eyes and noses. I usually just put some warm water on a cotton ball and that does the trick.
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2furbabies, do you find that her nose is always has dried snotty crusty on her nose, is that normal because of their pushed in faces? and the cottonballs you use, is their a specific kind or any general kind of cottonball will work?
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Cottonballs are best if the cat will put up with it, because it takes more than a few swipes in my experience. I use regular ones, like you find in the cosmetic/first aid dept at the grocery store.

This sounds gross, but I use my finger and pick those boogers off. I have one cat that used to have the boogers pretty much all the time...however it mysteriously cleared up and hasn't come back for months. In her case, she didn't have any other symptoms.

In the case of your kitten, I agree that it sounds like a URI, it's very common. The vet will probably give you some meds.
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