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Anyone know about skinks??

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Do you have these around your homes? I saw my first one this morning (for the year I meant) Freddie was chasing it. And yes its tail fell off!! I am so glad to know that a new tail we grow back!!
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never but they are cute reppies!wish i got them
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Never heard of a skink until now. I thought you meant to say skunk!
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I once, with great trepidation, petted a fearsome-looking blue-tongued skink at the zoo, and he didn't kill me! All riiiiight!

We don't have skinks, but the lizards who live in our attic find their way into the house once in a great while. They're little pale brown speckled guys who earn their keep by keeping away spiders. I like 'em!
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
Never heard of a skink until now. I thought you meant to say skunk!
Nope!! Yeah I didnt know about them until I moved into this house and started seeing them. They are cute though.....and they are also my cats favorite toy, besides mice/rats....
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Yep, we have lots of them! In my area they are alligator skinks so they look a little different but still skinks. My daughter found one very early last spring that was missing a foot and tail. It was really skinny too! We "fostered" it until it fattened up and got warmer outside then put it back into the garden. Funny thing is about a month later I found it on my kitchen floor, staring up at me Must've thought that it had it pretty good with an unlimited supply of crickets!
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i love skinks!!!! i think tey are soooo cute! .... hmmm do we have skinks in Minnesota?
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We don't have them naturally here but I've had them as pets before. I had a fire belly who was very chill and then I had a blue tail who was a little spastic. The blu got out once and I caught him... by his tail... yup, it came right off in my hand! It did grow back but it never looked the same.
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Originally Posted by kittiesx2 View Post
We "fostered" it until it fattened up and got warmer outside then put it back into the garden.
Aw, you're so nice! That was a lovely thing to do.
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I didn't know till last year that we have the large prairie skinks here, I was used to just seeing the little ones. These were 2-3 times large and heavier bodied. I was at a local nursery and saw a couple poking out of a flower bed because the people had watered recently.

We also have tiny ones that are called Coal skinks, they have brownish/copper coloring on their backs. They prefer to hide under leaves and fallen brush. Like most skinks, you'll probably hear them scuttling around before you see them.
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We had them ALL OVER the yard here......until Tiger started hanging out in the front yard
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One of the cats I used to have made friends with a skink. Kitt would wear it around her neck and most mornings when I opened the front door, there it was asking if Kitt could come out to play!
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We have tons of Skinks and lizards around here, they like to come into the entry and sunbath on the window ledge.
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