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New Kitty still not eating

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Our little girl still hasn't had anything to eat. She munched on some kibble yesterday afternoon, and she had 1/6 of a can of canned food. No water as far as I know.

She also sneezed a few times yesterday. Should I take her to the vet, or am I being overly worried? She's otherwise acting fine. Last night was her 3rd night with us. It's hard to tell how much she eats since Puppy stole some of her food. I can't separate them due to their personalities (will explain in another thread, we had to hurry the introduction process).
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You haven't said how old she is or how long you have had here. If she is young and new to you, I would definitely take her to the vet as she could be coming down with an upper resiratory infection, which causes them to lose their appetite, and cats cannot go long without eating, it will cause permanent liver damage or death.
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I see you have had her for only 3 days and what you describe as what she has eaten is not enough. This baby needs more food. It does sound as though she may have an upper respiratory infection and needs to see a vet. She probably also has worms and will need the vet to give her a dewormer.

You could buy her some stage 2 baby food (no onions or garlic) and see if she'll eat some of that. You may even have to force feed her if she isn't eating. Try also putting food on your fingers and hand-feeding her. She really does need to eat or she will go into liver failure and then it's a real uphill battle to get her well.
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Totally agree that you probably need to get this kitty to the vet ASAP. URIs can get very nasty, very quickly and will put a cat off her food because she can't smell it (also, if she starts running a fever, that'll put her off her food). If she's a kitten, timing is even more critical. You can also try warming up some canned cat food in the microwave........the smelliest kind you can find.....and see if that'll help.

Good Luck!
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I'll call the vet if she doesn't eat a full meal when I get home. To clarify, this is her third day with us. She's just over one year. She ate only kibble in her foster home. I was also going to purchase the same kind of kibble they had to see if she'll take that instead.
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Keep us posted on how she is doing.
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i agree with calling the vet ... and yes getting the food she is used to might work wonders///
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Well, she ate more tonight. She didn't eat as much as Puppy, but she is half his size. Still not enough for me to be completely satsified. She had more kibble than yesterday (I bought the same brand). I also bought some kitty crack (FF) to entice her to eat wet food. That seemed to do the trick. She had 1/4 of the can of FF, plus her kibble. I made her eat a few more bites of kibble later on. I basically sit her in front of it until she eats, she eventually looks at me, eats one piece, and is like "ok, I tried it, can I go now?"

I called her foster meowmy to ask for advice. She wasn't too surprised by this or the sneezes. She was most concerned with her getting dehydrated, so she told me how to check for that. I compared her against Puppy (who drinks a LOT of water), and she seems to be ok. She said that cats tend to get minor URIs when they stress. Apparently they see it all the time at the shelter. I'm supposed to watch for discolored discharge or it not going away in a few more days. If either if those happen, she gets antibiotics. Right now, there's no discharge at all, so I guess that's good.

We'll see how she is tomorrow.
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