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Good morning. Did anyone come across a problem with cat behavior when its care giver gets pregnant? My cat does not let get near her anymore
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Hmmm...I tried looking up things on the web and found zippo.

Is your kitty just acting different around you or in general?

If it's in general, you may want to get her checked by a vet as sudden behavioural changes can mean that something is wrong with your kitty.

If it's just around you, then maybe you smell differently to your kitty. I don't really know, I don't know much about pregnancies. Or maybe kitty just doesn't like your new perfume, (or something similar), if you do have a new one.

Maybe someone out there can help more....though I will continue to have a look for you.
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Hi Meitar and welcome! and congratulations on the coming baby!

I've never heard of cats getting away from pregnant owners. It could very well be something else. Any change of behavior requires a thorough check by a vet to see if there's anything physically wrong with the cat.

By the way, you're welcome to visit the Hebrew cat forum too:
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Ooops! I see you've already posted there
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Thank you all for the help
The behavior change is only toward me so I think the cat is feeling well. I will talk to my vat anyway.
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I couldn't find anything in the end....I'm sorry.
Good luck with everything!

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