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Pics of the Nor'easter

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My husband wanted to take a drive to the ocean. These pics were taken at LOW tide.

sand blowing across a sheltered parking area.

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What beach were you at, Karen?

We are SO lucky we live in southern New England - I am counting my blessings that I didn't have to shovel a foot of snow to get to work this morning!
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Those were at Horseneck beach in Westport.

The area has no electricity, and further down the roads are washed out!
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Beautiful photographs Karen...glad y'all are ok.

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It looks very cold where you are.
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Scary Karen- but the photos really are pretty!
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That pretty in a humbling way. You never quite realize the power of mother nature!
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Great pics Karen. Loved the last one though, was it misty?.
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OMG I cant believe you guys are even going to the beach ......... be careful Karen.
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Very scary, but beautiful pictures!
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Great pics, Karen!
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Great photos! That must have been even more impressive in RL.
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Great pictures! I really love the first one, its gorgeous! You be careful!
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Your pictures remind me of the Oregon coast in some of the isolated areas.
Different oceans but primal beauty in all it's raging glory.
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wow, wondeful photos, I would just love to walk on that deserted beach all wrapped up, with a flask of hot coffee waiting in the car
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I thought that was Horseneck. We used to go there a lot when we were kids. The waves were always pretty big even on calm days, so I can imagine they must be pretty spectacular right now.
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