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need reassurance about spay and neutering!

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Hi! I have two kittens, Socks and Scout. They are littermates and are 7 months old. I know I have to get them spade and neutered, and they have an appointment this Friday, but the closer it gets to Friday, the more nervous I get! I am not using my regular vet, because I don't know anyone else who has used them for this; but I am using a vet that has been very highly recommended to me by 4 different people. I don't really know what to expect after the procedure is done, and that makes me nervous. Plus I have to drop them off at 8:00 in the morning and then pick them up that evening, and I just hate for them to be there so long. Maybe someone can give me so reassurance and tell me what their experience was like? I would appreaciate it soooo much!!!!!!!
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Hey, you're definately doing the right thing! I have furbabies who are littermates as well. We had them neutered at 3 months, and it was the same type of thing. We dropped them off at 8 am and picked them up that evening. They were fine afterwards. A little sleepy, but none the worse for wear. You can often get painkillers after the surgery to help them through the first 12-24 hrs. The hardest part was not playing with them afterward for a few days. Mine didn't even have stitches to worry about! But both you and your babies will be much happier after getting this done!
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If you have a female, you will want to just watch out for drainage and see that she doesn't pull at her stitches.

Kitty will be groggy for awhile- just give them a quiet place to rest.

There is a really awesome site called The Pet Center where you can take a virtual tour through a vet clinic online. They answer all your questions and show you the procedure and what to look for.

Here is the link: Just scroll down to The Pet Center

The Pet Center
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Thank you everyone for the quick response! It is making me feel better. I'm sure my babies will be fine, I'll probley be the one that needs the sedative!
Thanks again!
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Good luck tomorrow! You've already gotten great advice - just wanted to send along further reassurance.

Our two boys were just fine. They licked themselves A LOT down there as soon as they got home, but that is normal. Your female will probably need to "sleep it off" for a few days - just don't let your boy bother her too much. She'll probably handle him herself - just keep an eye on them. He may miss his playmate, but they'll be just fine! And you will be too! ...and if you're not, Vikki's right - we're here for you!

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Today's the big day! I have your two kitties in my thoughts. Please let us know how everything went.
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