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Need Help

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My cat is very pregnant,We had a break in our basement window was kicked in 3 barn cats were in our basement and had to be taken out with traps.

Cally is very large i have no clue how far along she is i will post pictures.

Im out of town in 2 weeks do you think she will have them by then?

Could anyone guess how far she is?

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She is a beautiful girl!! And she does look really big. Do you remember approximately when the cats were in your basement? You could estimate based on that. I have a former feral that is currently pregnant... I was told she was spayed and then one day she got out. It took several days to catch her so I am not positive exactly when she was bred. I estimated an approximate breeding date of 2-25 and then I put it in this calendar that I found... She seems to be right on track. I'm sure others here will be able to help you better, I'm not really good at guessing how far along they are!
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She does look to be pretty far along, but I really couldn't guess. She's beautiful!
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See i am completly clueless,I was downstairs one day after i found the window kicked in i boarded it back up i will be replacing it as soon as i can,But i was doing laundry one day and this strange black cat ran by me.

It ran toward the bathroom after my heart started again lol it scared me.

I go into the bathroom and there was another long haired tabby,My daughter looked at it and said it was the neighbors cat.

I called the neighbor she came right over and it was not her cat but she had said that he sprays all over her back porch,SO a nusence in her eyes.

I cannot for the life of me remeber when the exact date was i know it was in febuary.

But i thought nothing of it.

My sister in law was over March 30th and Cally walked by her and she said Cally is pregnant im like no.......

Cally has always been a big girl But in the last few weeks she has tripled in size.

They say you can really start feeling the kittens on the 7th week,If so i have been feeling them move for nearly 2 weeks now.

ANd in the beginning i would see the greenish mucus on her back end,She also had a spout of diarea,I had to wash her up she was coverd.And she was also being sick.

I put her on Kitten Chow as soon as i came too and noticed she was expecting.

Crosses fingers they come soon,Cally is a manx and i hope all babies are healthy.
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I'd say based on all of that, that it'll probably be within the next week or two... but you never know, these mommas like to keep us waiting!
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I know i am trying to figure out the exact date but i cannot remeber for the life of me.

All she does now is take a few steps and drops....she is sleeping alot more now does that mean anything?
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im not expert but it could be any day now or a couple of weeks. When My cat had kittens last year the vet was 2 weeks out when he dated her so it is tricky.

Have you noticed her trying to find a nesting place? or is she leaking any milk....Boo's milk started a few days before she had the kittens. Also if you have been feeling the kittens for a couple of weeks that would make me think she is pretty close. But these kitty's are hard to estimate as they like to keep us all on our toes and you can never really tell.

She really is a big beautiful cat though
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im a bit worried about this greenish mucus that you saw?? have you seen any more of this atall?? the only reason i ask is because you say it was early on , normally they get a discharge maybe 10 days to a day before delivery. did it smell in any way?
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No it didnt,I noticed this a week or so ago,But all is well i feel the babies they are very active there always moving,But as i said she has had almost all symptoms of labor than in an hour she is acting normal again.

And yes she is keeping me on my toes!
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keep an eye on her , if you get to worried phone your vet and explain to the what has been going on. please do keep us updated on this.
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She has already been looked over my friend is a vet but he said within ten days she should be given birth,and today is the 10th day.

It really is hard when i cannot remeber when she was bred,The cat was in my basement for a week or so before i even noticed it.

She is resting with her 100 pound Newfoundland right now on the floor she is not showing any signs as of yet,I do plan on video taping the birth, As it is such an amazing thing,I will post pictures as soon as they come.
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Few more pictures...........

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she is so pretty , i cant wait to see her babys.
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Her mucas plug popped i think it was a clear disharge and covered her back end....Now it is a matter of hours i think,I will be up all night she is really panting now and meowing like crazy!

Please Pray my little girl comes through this fine,I love her dearly this is her first and last litter so im sure i will keep one!
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