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Originally Posted by ReesesPBC View Post
Reeses was 7 the last time we had her weighed, but she wasn't eating as much and was throwing up. She's put some weight on her for sure since then, but I'd still say she's only about 8lbs.
Wow she's a little squeek!
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I think Quill is a good solid 12 lbs. He's big enough to not knock you over when he pounces on you
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The largest and heaviest cat I've ever had the pleasure to meet was Buck. We were visiting the garden of his humans and at that time he was a 24 pounds. (red tabby DSH) However, he had been on a diet and had lost 12 pounds!!! He was not "fat", just a large cat.

And such a sweetie. He had been tied to a sapling to keep him from getting underfoot.

I have no idea how much my two weigh, though Topaz is the heavier.
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Cello was 16.5lbs last time we checked.
Lucky is 15-16lbs
Spunky?? definately weighs more than 20 lbs

Here is Lucky


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Tailer's my chubby boy. He weighed 12 lbs, 9 oz at our last vet visit. The vet's not concerned, but he still looks a bit chunky to me.

Forest's weight is perfect (right about 10 lbs), and Harvey's on the skinny side (barely pushing 8 lbs).
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My two cats weigh about 12-13 pounds each. I refuse to let them go over that. Before, they were gaining weight, back when I USED to leave dry food out 24/7. After the recall and much searching on this forum, they NOW eat in the morning and at night.

They are more frisky this way and healthier----AND THEY DON'T VOMIT SO OFTEN.
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Lily weighs the most in my household at 4.2kg (a little over 9lbs), and she is very long and lean. Smudgey is 3.8kg (about 8 1/2 lbs), and she looks a little tubbier than my other two, but she's also got longer, thicker, fluffier fur, whereas the other 2 are shorthair, and the fur sits close to their bodies. Stumpy is my little girl now at 3.5kg (8lbs).

So my girls definitely won't win the fattest kitty contest!
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Molly is the "fatttest"....a tummy on legs @ 15 lbs. Otherwise...Dory is the next largest at 8.4 lbs. I'm getting concerned about Damita being so thin again.....
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Nikita is somewhere between 12 and 13 pounds. She's very fit and sleek, you can easily feel her ribs and she has a nice tuck before her hips etc. so she could actually gain a bit of weight and still be a healthy weight.

She's not a huge cat in size though, just average, maybe a bit bigger than normal for female cats. What she is is very very very muscled. Compared to most other cats I pick up she's a solid brick :p
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Scratch is... big, I think around 12 pounds, maybe less. Squee on the other hand is long and lean, so probably around 7 pounds.
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Trout is only 7 lbs She is a little dainty one
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Wowsers..........I wouldnt know what to do if I had that large of a cat!! What do ya'all feed them cats?? Miracle grow??
Small children

Right now it's a tie between Big Milo and Spunky... I'll award tonight so that everyone gets a chance
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Do you think its something to do with orange and white kitties, they all seem to be bigger
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Do you think its something to do with orange and white kitties, they all seem to be bigger
Somehow I noticed that too
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
How much does your cat weigh? I just weighed Tiger and he's a whopping 22lbs!
But he doesn't look fat He's just a big boy....

What about your cats?

I'll give 200 pts to the person with the pudgiest kitty
My username weighs 23 pounds. Does that count?
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Bentley & Nuit are the biggers of the group. I think Bentley is maybe 15 and Nuit is down to 13 but it's all fat no solidness to her at all. Ceasar long & lean at almost 10 and Jenny 8 1/2, and Zoey a little over 7. I've got a good mix in sizes!
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Both of my kitties together only weigh about 11 or 12 lbs. They really are petite little munchkins.
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Zorro was around 19 pounds at one point, but he's down to about 17 now.

Hammie however went from a very healthy 12 pounds, to around 16. He has ballooned in fatness and girth due to my hubby's younger cats and his need to "dominate the food bowl" and make himself sick from eating so much.

Unfortunately we have such a vast age range in cats (age 2 years up to 16 years), one with a urinary crystal problem... we cannot put Hammie on a special diet without starving or harming the other cats!

So we have 2 very voluptuous, full-figured lovely cats. I am hoping that Hammie doesn't get health problems from being overweight, cuz we love the big fella.
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last time I weighed both of them they both weight 13 lbs they are probably like 15 lbs. now. I will have to weigh them again.
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And the Winner is............

Catlover19 for Big Milo!

Oh and by the way Milo, You're not fat, you're fluffy More to love!
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how did i miss this thread lol! Bella is def a lil over weight adn I got some photos to prove it! She was abandoned she was to friendly to be feral and in there were a lot of streets and less woods were we found here so we have a feeling some on abandoned her and she was there for over a week (we knocked on everyones door asking questions ) And then we went a week later to the vet were she was at a good weight 3 weeks later she was at 9.5 lbs according to the vet she was over weight because she is a small to medium sized cat U guys make the decision lol! but we are working on that and i think shes shed a lb or too, i started a new food which wasnt even meant for weight management just healthier

But other than bella the other ones are at the weight thats desired for their size, of course stormies still growing and willie is a big boy but hes a maine coon mix so hes supposed to be big
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Congrats to adorable Milo on his 'fluffiness'!

Bella is so adorable too!
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Heh my largest is part maine coon and at about 22lbs..... he used to be about 25lbs and the vet said he looked overweight so hes on weight watchers deit along with our others.... his brother was about 21lbs but is now at a nice 17lbs. My others at at good weights.... Nick is about 12lbs and loki and giz are still growing so i dont worry so much =)
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
And the Winner is............

Catlover19 for Big Milo!

Oh and by the way Milo, You're not fat, you're fluffy More to love!
He is really big boned, its not a lot of fat. He's just impossible to hold because he weighs so much And he is soooo fluffy, he gets fur EVERYWHERE.
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no but i am anymore questions
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My fattest cat is Cala. At one time she weighed 18lbs. I try to exercise her and she seems stay at 15 lbs lately.

And the other cats weigh......

Scruffy- 10lbs
Willow- 7lbs
Veeshan- 7lbs
Kingston- 6lbs at 5 months old
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Spike weighs about 12 lbs and Oz now weighs around 13 lbs. At one point, though, Ozzie weighed in at 17 lbs and was considered overweight. The vet put him on a diet and we've been increasing his activity (Spike's been very helpful with that ), and now he's getting positively svelte -- the vet thinks he should be a model!

My boys have very, very different body types. Spike is tall, long and very lean (he's also extremely hyperactive); Oz, on the other hand, is short, a little squat and tends to be thick in the middle. If Spike were to be as overweight as Oz got, he'd probably be about 25+ lbs just because of how big he is naturally. Oz could never be as skinny as Spike; he just doesn't have the body type for it. (And Spike isn't unhealthily skinny, either -- he's just a very active, very lanky cat.)
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