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Is your cat.....Fat?

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How much does your cat weigh? I just weighed Tiger and he's a whopping 22lbs!
But he doesn't look fat He's just a big boy....

What about your cats?

I'll give 200 pts to the person with the pudgiest kitty
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MY old vet thought they were, but my new one has seen Sophie who weighs about the same as Rosie and she said she was fine.

They must weigh approx 12-13lb
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Harley is 16lbs
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I have no idea what you're talking about Sho's just big boned...

Ok, so he's a little pudgy at 15-16 lbs
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Nope - no fat cats here Mosi is 3.4kg (about 7lbs?) and growing, and I'm not sure about Jaffa as he's not been weighed for a long time but he was approx 12lbs and he's definitely not overweight - he's tall and long but very slim build.
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Scully is my heaviest at 20-21lbs, but I must say that is very unhealthy for him (better than the 30+lbs he weighed when we got him but still unhealthy).

As far as Tiger being overweight, only your vet can tell you, our vet said Bumps is 'not too bad' at 16lbs but Boomer at the same weight would be obese. On the other hand, male Maine Coons can be 25lbs and perfect body weights
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LOL! Biiig kitties!
Molly may be like 5 or 6 pounds and Polly possibly 5.
They aren't underweight, just lean and very petite. Their mom is the same way.
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Teddy's my biggest worry at the moment

He's nearly 10lbs and the little tinker is only 7/8mths old he is such an opportuntist, can hear a tin opened at 300 paces and clears up anything if it should get left which of course does if DH is on Kitchen Duties - he's such an old softie with them all If its me, every bowl gets moved as soon as a cat walks away. Maria my vet said if we're not careful we'll soon have a panther on our hands

Dinos a fatty hes about 18lbs - his tummy sway is just crazy and actually flaps from side to side when he runs - which luckily for onlookers isnt that often

Moofs & Peps are both fine, they have a little spay sway, but you cant really see at all
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Last time Patches was weighed she was about 22lbs too. But that was 7 years ago. She's gotten pudgier sense.
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Maggie was weighed by the vet on Friday 13lbs 10 ounces, not bad according to the vet. Jazz weighs in at 12 lbs but also has a spay sway that swings back and forth when she walks/runs I love it!!!!!
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The vet said Summer is in the "ideal" category and we can only hope she stays 8 pounds for the rest of her life, and so far she has.

The vet hasn't said anythnig about Chevy's weight, but then again, he's young and still growing every minute. Howver, I do think he's in the overweight category for his frame. He's 8.5 lbs and 9 months old. He's not as big as your Teddy Mooficat, so that makes me feel a little better.

I stopped giving them caned food because it would upset his stomach because he would eat it so fast. He would also eat Summer's left overs. He gets lots of exercise, but I definitely think he's eating more than his share. Summer never ate her full daily serving when she was an only cat, and she probably isn't now....so that only leaves one culprit!
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Teddy, my DH's office cat is over 20 lbs. but he's black and we all know black is slimming Joey was 16 lbs but since he got sick he's down 1-2 pounds
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My parents' cat, Simba, is 20 lbs.
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Well- now I don't feel so bad.

Sneaky Pie is 13 lbs. One of my neighbors asked if she was pregnant, or if she just liked to eat She is overweight though, she's not a very big kitty to begin with. I try, I haven't been feeding her every time she decides "It's time to feed the Sneaky cat."

Mistoflees has lost weight. In his younger days (he's 15 now) he was about 13-14 lbs. Very muscular though. He's now down to about 11-12 lbs, which really scared me at first. The vet says it's ok, a lot of it is muscle, and I can tell he doesn't have the muscle tone he used to have when he was younger.
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Wesley is a healthy 10 lbs. He is three years old. He goes outside so he gets a lot of excersise!
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Nope, no fatties here Mine are all petite....
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
How much does your cat weigh? I just weighed Tiger and he's a whopping 22lbs!
But he doesn't look fat He's just a big boy....

What about your cats?

I'll give 200 pts to the person with the pudgiest kitty

You tell me! He is 16 pounds and at the most he should only weigh 12! He is 5 years old... POLYDACTYL and Neutered! My poor baby is so chubby he has no neck! I put some thumb pics in there for you!
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Seb is 14.8 lbs and pure muscle!
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I am sending Kitty to Fat Fighters as he weighed 6kg the last time he was weighed at the vets We are trying to slim him down but it`s hard work.

Maisie on the other hand is only 2.5kg
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Now I don't feel so bad. Tiger's not the only one.
I will let more people post and tonight around 10 I'll award the points
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Yeah Tiger is fat! Weight Management Food did him wrong! Now he gets a wet/dry mix! I took him off weight management and I am feeding him Felidae Wet and Nutro Max Cat Kitten until it's gone! I have over half a bag of Wellness Healthy Weight Dry and half a bag of Nutro Weight Management that I don't know what to do with! He has gained at least 4 pounds in a year being on weight management food and he is active! From now on he will get regular adult formulations of dry!
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Big Milo is between 22 and 25 pounds. He's a very big kitty.

Zebra is only 5 pounds and Milo is around 9-10 pounds. I call them my small, medium and big kitties.
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Diesel's 14 lbs....BUT...he's only 10 months old and still getting bigger!!

I'll get back to you in a few month's with his grown-up weight
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Wowsers..........I wouldnt know what to do if I had that large of a cat!! What do ya'all feed them cats?? Miracle grow??
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Here's a pic of my big boy

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Originally Posted by kittiesx2 View Post
Here's a pic of my big boy

He is gorgeous!!
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Beautiful, beautiful kitties! They're so big! I'm so used to my little petite girls.
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
He is gorgeous!!

He's a big cuddly drooly fuzzball
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Ling is a bit fatter then I think she should be - she's pushing 10 lbs (will watch so she's not any bigger).

Charlie is 7 months old and about 8 1/2 lbs (or close to it - last time I weighed him he was 8.2) Solid muscle.

The biggest cat I've ever owned was Mitten - at 14 lbs solid muscle. I'm used to rex size cats - like 5-7 lbs! Charlie will be the 2nd biggest cat (12 lbs) when full grown.
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Reeses was 7 the last time we had her weighed, but she wasn't eating as much and was throwing up. She's put some weight on her for sure since then, but I'd still say she's only about 8lbs.
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