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Becoming discouraged (long)

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I kind of dislike posting long drawn out things about myself but I know I'll get some feedback here that will be helpful..

I have posted before that I am a vet tech student looking for an internship or position as a Veterinary Assistant/Tech, or even a kennel helper. Well, I am not far off from completing school and being eligible for the board exam to be licensed in my state. I have created a resume and applied to two positions in my area, one for a Veterinary Technician at a small animal clinic, and the other for a Veterinary Technician at a small animal emergency services center. Well, a day after applying I got calls from both of them. I was SO excited! On the phone with both of the vets that wanted to interview me they asked me if I was licensed (my resume already stated that I was not licensed as of yet but almost had enough credits to be eligible to take the board exam), I advised that I was not but that I felt I already had the necessary skills and that it would be very soon that I would be taking the board exam. They both said basically that it was fine that I was not through the licensing process and that I should come on in and talk to them.

So I went to the first interview at 8am. The clinic itself was beautiful, clean, big cathedral ceilings, brand new.. very impressive. But.. after introducing myself I ended up sitting in the lobby waiting for the vet for over an hour. I figured "Okay, hes busy.. of course, hes a vet, no biggie".. when I was finally called into his office I shook his hand and greeted him by name, he sat me down, and left yet again.. this time for 20 minutes. He then comes back in, sits down looks over at me for a good 2 minutes without a strange expression on his face without saying a word.. I sit there a little confused and say "how are you today".. finally after a long pause he starts talking and asking me questions totally unrelated to the position.. including "What is your religion?".. (I'm thinking.. uhh wow) I am Buddhist, so I respond by telling him that and he looks at me like I am a freak. I try to tell myself he is just trying to get to know me. He redirects the conversation by finally going into what he needs in a vet tech. He needs someone that is self sufficient, hard working, etc. I explain why I feel I would be good for the position, including the classes I have taken, love for animals and desire to make it my lifetime career choice, hard working nature and motivation. He then says (and I'm not exagerating) "Well I'm looking for someone thats licensed only, I don't have time to train someone". He and then shakes my hand and sees me out the door, meanwhile saying "Give me a call when you are licensed I may consider you if you would like some volunteer experience". I was angry and upset. He called me into the interview knowing I wasn't licensed and then tells me I need to be licensed? I'm very confused as to what I did wrong. I am very disappointed.

Thats not even the end of it. At 7pm I went for my interview at the emergency clinic. I of course was trying to think more positively that this one would go better than the previous. I get into the room to speak with the vet who can is very difficult to understand due to his accent, so I feel like I have to keep asking him to repeat himself. Once again I tell him why I feel as if I am qualified when he asks me questions, and he looks at me the entire time like he doesn't believe a word I'm saying. He then says he has a number of other interviews and he will get back to me.

I am so disappointed. Up until now I have almost never had a bad interview. I am so confused as to why I had 2 in a row!! What makes it horrible is the fact I truly care so much about being a vet tech, it means more than anything to me, and I have worked extremely hard in school to ensure that I perfect my craft. I just don't understand what I did wrong.. and I am almost upset to go into another interview now. I know I have to get back on my feet and keep trying.. but I feel like someone kicked me around, like I'm not worthy. I guess this is what it feels to be a big kid
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I am not just saying this, I really believe it. Vets like docs span a wide range of exceptional folks with great people skills to those in it for ?? and horrible skills.

I think you simply ended up with your first two interviews being with vets that perhaps you'd have found you didn't wish to be working for.

Btw, I can not believe that it is appropriate in a job interview to ask you what your religion is??

I honestly don't think this was you. I think you will find the right vet/practice to work for, and you will be happy you didn't get offered a position at one of these two places!
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Oh gosh, I'm sorry you had such a terrible day. The world is full of people with the power to hire and fire, and in my observation, about half of them are wacky in one way or another. The first guy you talked to reminded me of the strangest interview I ever had, right down to the completely inappropriate questions. In fact, come to think of it, it's illegal for him to ask about your religion! So don't take him seriously -- he clearly has no idea what he's doing as an employer, and his behavior does not reflect on you in any way.

I actually went through hypnotherapy last year to try to overcome my terror of job interviews, and I'd be happy to discuss it with you if you like... just PM me. Either way, though, please don't take these interviews to heart. It sounds like you did fine, and the interviewers were the ones who blew it.
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interviews can be heck sometimes. but that is no reason to get upset.
i have gone to as many was 7 interviews with the same company and not gotten the job. i am willing to bet was you do get your board exam things will go better. So please do give up yet.. finding the right place for you may take a long time. or maybe not. But there is no reason to stop trying.

By the way , i was fully under the impression that asking someone;s religion
was aganist the law in the States??? any why my answer that question would have been its non of your business.

hope that helped some.
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can you report that vet?

keep on plugging away and get your'll find the right vet to work for!
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
In fact, come to think of it, it's illegal for him to ask about your religion! So don't take him seriously -- he clearly has no idea what he's doing as an employer, and his behavior does not reflect on you in any way.
It is completely inappropriate and illegal for him to ask your religion. I'm sorry, but that's not "just getting to know you". He also can't ask marital status, whether or not you have children or intend to, or your birthplace or nationality. It's not even appropriate to ask a woman if she prefers Miss, Ms or Mrs if your intention is to ask marital status. I think you're better off not getting the job there, if that's their idea of "getting to know you".

Don't be discouraged. I do interviews all the time. It's not always the interviewee's fault you didn't get the job. Sometimes I will really like someone and another interviewer will come to our roundtable discussion with the complete opposite's just not an exact science.
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Btw, I can not believe that it is appropriate in a job interview to ask you what your religion is??
Take it from someone who conducts employee interviews's not appropriate.

There are strict guidelines that you are required to follow, however there are many privately owned companies that may feel that they are above the regulations because they are privately owned...Wrong...
The guidelines apply to all potential employer's
Non-discrimination of religion, race, culture, gender, and sexual preference....YOU CAN'T ASK

Sorry you had such a lousy interview but take heart, this individual sounds like someone who would not be very fair to work for, which means the best is yet to come.
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That first interview - the question about religion would be illegal in the UK, as it has no bearing on your suitability for the job, if they ask it is because they are going to discriminate against certain religions - which I feel sure is what they have done to you, I don't think it's about the licence at all.

Here that would be good grounds to complain and take them to a tribunal (employment court) both to get compensation for not getting the job on those grounds, and to get their wrist slapped for their behaviour so that they know it is not appropriate.

Look on the bright side - you wouldn't want to be working for someone like that anyway. Something better will come along in time I'm sure. Don't give up hope
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Originally Posted by artharitis View Post
finally after a long pause he starts talking and asking me questions totally unrelated to the position.. including "What is your religion?".. (I'm thinking.. uhh wow) I am Buddhist, so I respond by telling him that and he looks at me like I am a freak. I
That's not kosher. That can fall under Affirmative Action. The way he was at first able to accommidate over the phone that its OK that you're not licensed, then changes his mind during the interview makes me really suspicious...especially since he was asking you questions that were not related to the interview at all.

FYI - next time someone does ask you these questions, decline to answer them. If they continue to try and ask these questions (i.e. do you plan on getting pregnant soon?) ask them how to this pertains to the job function. If they refuse to answer or give some BS answer, walk out. They aren't worth your time.
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It is illegal to ask questions regarding religion, ethnicity, age or sexual preference. You should report that vet to your state labor board and the EEOC.

Considering his attitude and behavior, you probably don't want to work for him, anyway.
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
Considering his attitude and behavior, you probably don't want to work for him, anyway.
My thoughts exactly sweets. Don't think I'd want to work for either one of those offices. Keep your pretty chin up and keep looking, the right job is out there, hope you find it soon.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
...because they are going to discriminate against certain religions - which I feel sure is what they have done to you, I don't think it's about the licence at all.
I think Epona's absolutely right! If you feel like taking action, you certainly have cause.

And I just remembered something that happened at my brother's former company. After passing the initial interview with the department head, a fellow was sent in to talk with three of the people he would be working with, including my brother, so they could weigh in on whether he should be hired. One of the other employees casually asked him, "So what do you do for fun? You have a family?"

And that was that. They had to hire the guy because an illegal question had been asked, and they preferred to hire him rather than risk his possibly taking action. Luckily, he turned out to be a good choice.
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That is illegal to ask you your religion during a job interview! Unless they were a private Christian charity (which I doubt), they can't ask that. Next time that happens, remind them that it is none of their business and redirect the conversation to your skills and experience. It sounds like it was a good thing it didn't work out anyway. Here's vibes for another opportunity soon!
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On the bright side working for those two jerks might have turned out to be worse.
Just hang in there and also network. I wound up w/my current job at a clinic entirely by happenstance.
I take my cats there for check ups and health needs. One of the young assistants told me she would soon be leaving on maternity leavy.
I called back an hour later after thinking about it. Set up an interview w/the doc & now I am there.

Have you thougth of aksing the vet of the clinic you use, they already know you. Ask for an "informational interview" so they don't feel pressured.
See if that develops into something more. Even if that doesn't work ask her/him for a referral of someone who might need you. See if your name can't get spread around, work your contacts.
Good luck and hang in there.
As for the idiot w/the religious questions....Since the rise of the bushistas, the evangelist power freaks, the muslim loonies. I AM SOOOO SICK of religion. I am ready for the age of reason to return.
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It is absolutely against the law to ask about religion, as others have posted. My opinion is, though, and I don't know you or know what ethinic background you are (and truly, to me it does not matter), but I'd say that it could very possibly be racial profiling and instead of saying, what nationality are you, they asked what religion you are. If that guy was looking you up and down like there was something wrong, and *then* asked what religion you were.. it seems to support that it was racial profiling. I'd at least report it even if you don't want to pursue the position. It's an outrage either way you look at it.

Someone else posted that only a Christian based job can ask what religion you are, and that's partially right (This might also depend from state to state, as there are federal and state labor laws).. if your religion directly relates to your job performance.. for instance, a catholic minister or preacher (and I don't know what the proper terminology is so forgive me if it's wrong).. would most likely be catholic.. baptist, the same.. etc. Someone working with boyscouts, rainbow girls, girl scouts.. might be the same, however.. there may have been a case or two about these particular groups and I'm not sure they're allowed to require that the person being hired be of the same religion as long as they're capable of teaching those values.

The second one, it was probably that the guy was just upset that you couldn't understand him. Don't feel bad, I honestly have a horrid time understanding some accents until I've heard them pretty often.. and repeatedly.. I just have trouble focusing sometimes.

If you're roundabout the NoVa area, PM me.. I have a few places around here that might be of interest to you.
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just a quick note to say that thank goodness you got them out of the way! the right one will come along and you will know right doubts about the validity of questioning or interview tactics. you will just know. i've had more jobs than i care to admit over the past few kids say "i change jobs for a living." however, i finally found the right one and i just knew it when i interviewed there. you will too.

good luck
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Thanks everyone! I thought it was profiling as well with the religion thing. My ethnic background is half white and half native american.. but I appear caucasian.. so I'm not sure if it was a race thing, unless he discriminates against his own race. Who knows. It was very strange. I don't want to contact anyone about it being against the law simply because I live in a small town and I feel as if I may be burning bridges so to speak. But it does anger me quite a bit.. thanks for all the support. I can only hope that I will get a chance to interview with more respectful people.
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My nephew is part Native.. 1/4, I believe, and he's often mistaken for Hispanic, Arabic, and any host of other cultures just because of his coloring.

My two friends and I were taking an trip to Chicago, both of my friends have a bit of an olive complexion, and at that time, my one friend have very long hair that he tied back in a pony tail. We got "randomly" searched for everything, both directions. And ever since then, all three of us, anytime we fly, get "randomly" searched every single time. I think it was a case of profiling by their appearance. It's BS. Racial profiling is one of those things that I *really* hate. But, I don't think you can count on people to realize that you're Native and not another descent.. to be honest, even if people were good at deciding what ethinicity someone is.. it would be much harder to determine Native simply because there aren't many Natives around any more, especially with a high percentage.

But anyway, keep your chin up. Don't let the ignorance of one person get you down.
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Yeah that definitely true. Thanks for the good vibes
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