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Cat/dog breed selecters

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I have seen these before, and i htink they are fun seeing what you get. Though they probably don' teven work. Since they are sterotyping the dogs.
I haven't taken the JRT one yet, but i am going too. Since i have one, i wonder if its the "right" dog breed for me..... acording to this thing atleast.
Dog ones: (the last two are tests for us, versus dogs)

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The uk tickle said I was a spaniel... UMM NO

but the cat test results here.. it appears to at least be somewhat "_
Score Breed
100 Siamese
92 Bengal
90 Tonkinese
89 Abyssinian
89 American Shorthair
89 Havana Brown
89 Maine Coon
89 Somali
84 American Curl
84 Devon Rex
84 Manx
84 Norwegian Forest Cat
83 Burmese
83 Malayan
83 Ocicat
82 Birman
82 Bombay
82 Chartreux
82 Colorpoint Shorthair
82 Cornish Rex
82 Japanese Bobtail
82 Snowshoe
80 Selkirk Rex
79 Balinese
79 Munchkin
78 Sphynx
76 Cymric
76 Javanese
76 Oriental Longhair
76 Oriental Shorthair
76 Tiffany
76 Turkish Angora
76 Turkish Van
74 American Wirehair
74 Persian
74 Scottish Fold
74 Scottish Fold Longhair
74 Singapura
73 British Shorthair
71 Himalayan
69 Colorpoint Longhair
68 European Shorthair
68 Exotic Shorthair
68 Korat
68 Ragdoll
68 Russian Blue
61 EgyptianMau
61 Kasmir
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I am a Turkish Angora according to the gotoquiz site
Am a Sheperd according to the Tickle site.
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Funny - it told us the first two were Standard Poodle and Miniature Poodle. Considering that's what we looked for when we got the babies without even doing any tests that's pretty spot on! We ended up with Standard Labradoodles, so nice and close!

For cats we got Somali first, although Abyssinian was in the top ten and we have two of those. Russian Blue was quite far down but my Sashka's such a precious girl!

Pity they didn't have `rescue' on there for either - they makes up half our fur-family!
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For the gotoquiz, I'm a Turkish Angora.
"You are a Turkish Angora. You are always concerned with others, which makes you a humble character, but you don't realize how beautiful you really are!"

And for the Tickle test, I came up as a Bernese. :shrugs:
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Sharky: My list oon that website lookedalmost identical to yours. Siamese was first too.
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